6 Creamer, Heimes, Janssen Auctioneers, Annual Fall Consignment, Hartington, Neb.

6 Mark “Ole” & Joyce Olson, Farm Equipment Retirement, Wahoo, Neb.

7 Bill & Christie Konz, Auction, Red Oak, Iowa

7 Don Urkoski Estate Auction, Fullerton, Neb.

7 Ed Huwaldt Auctions, Antique Equip & Misc. Consignment Auction, Pierce, Neb.

7 Fredericks Auctions, Consignment Auction, Falls City, Neb.

7 Gary & Linda Asmussen, Moving Auction, Blair, Neb.

7 M & M Auctions, Harvest Machinery Consignment, O’Neill, Neb.

7 Ray Waag Estate, Farm Auction, Akron, Iowa

7 Vaughan & Cheryl Smithwick, Public Auction, Humboldt, Neb.

8 Fullerton Livestock Market, Machinery Auction, Fullerton, Neb.

10 DPA Excess Equipment Online Only Auction

11 Big Iron Auctions, St. Jude Children’s Research Benefit Online Auction

13 TCW Construction Co., Complete Business Liquidation, Lincoln, Neb.

14 Don Schipporeit, Retirement Auction, Long Pine, Neb.

14 Jeff Kempcke, John Deere Tractor Absolute Auction. Blair, Neb.

14 Larry & Janet Silhacek, Retirement & Collectible Auction, Pierce, Neb.

14 Ron & Fern Bauer, Farm Retirement Auction, Sutton, Neb.

14 Younger Auction Co., Fall Farmers Machinery Consignment, Maryville, MO

17 Farmers National Co., 159+/- Acres, Otoe County Land Auction, Elmwood, Neb.

18 Byron Burns Estate, Farm Machinery Auction, Litchfield, Neb.

19 Taylor & Martin Inc., Absolute Public Tractor & Trailer Auction, South Sioux City, Neb.

20/25 Russell & Rennae Anderson, Sealed Bid Land Auction, Lincoln, Neb.

21 Gene & Mary Steinhausen/Randy & Diane Steinhausen, Auction, Lincoln, Neb.

21 Jerry Sheehan Estate, Public Auction, Louisville, Neb.

21 William (Billy) & Valerie Witzel, Retirement Farm Machinery Auction, Brainard, Neb.

24 DPA Excess Equipment Online Only Auction

25 Farmers National Co., 477.40+/- Acres, Nance County Online Land Auction

26 Donco Partnership, Ltd, Absolute Auction, Franklin, Neb.

27 Spencer Auction Group, 160 Acres Pottawattamie Co. Iowa Land Auction, Logan, Iowa

30 Farmers National Co., 2,357.54+/- Acres Holt Co. Sealed Bid, O’Neill, Neb.

30 Wolf Auction & Real Estate, Machinery Consignment Auction, Ord, Neb.


1 DPA Auctions, Kossuth County, Iowa Online Land Auction

3 Paul & Patty Brophy Family Land Auction, Yuma, Colo.

4 Land Marketers Realty, 291.20+/- Acres Boyd Co. Online Land Auction

5 Paul & Dianne Buller, Retirement Auction, Aurora, Neb.


1 Farmers National Co., 75.58+/- Acres Madison Co Land Sealed Bill, Norfolk, Neb.

25-12/2 Steffes Group/Duane Barclay Farm Retirement, Homer, Neb. Timed Online

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