22-12/6 BigIron Realty, 160+/- Acres Platte Co Online Land Auction

22 Board of Educational Lands & Funds, Merrick Co. School Land Lease, Central City, Neb.

22 Board of Educational Lands & Funds, York Co. School Land Lease, York, Neb.

22 Daren Sutton Estate, Hay & Hay Equipment Estate Auction, Gretna, Neb.

23/24 Rhynalds Auction Service, Farm Literature, Signs, Farm Toys, Minden, Neb.

23 Bramer Auction & Realty, Amherst Machinery Auction, Amherst, Neb.

23 Hill ‘N’ Dale Ranch, Carter Co, MO Land Auction, Van Buren, MO.

23 Schow Auction Svc., Fall Equipment Consignment Auction, Paxton, Neb.

25-12/2 Steffes Group/Duane Barclay Farm Retirement, Homer, Neb. Timed Online

25 Ruhter Auction/Dave & Shelley Shafer, Farm Equipment Retirement Auction, Hastings, Neb.

25 Tim & Eileen Richter, Retirement Absolute Auction, Kearney, Neb.

11/27-12/11 Creamer, Heimes, Janssen, Farm Toy Auction, Online Only

11/28-12/8 Creamer, Heimes, Janssen, Vintage Farm Literature, Farm Adv., Signs, Etc Online Only

30 John Frerichs Estate & Others, Toy Auction, Laurel, Neb.


1 Paul Quackenbush, Auction, Crete, Neb.

3 Carl “Butch” Schuetz Estate, Public Land Auction, Pawnee City, Neb.

3 DPA Auctions, Online Excess Equipment Consignment Auction

3 Farmers National Co., 660.21+/- Acres Franklin Co Land Sealed Bid Auction

3 Stadler Implement Online Auction Ends

3 UFarm Real Estate, Furnas Co. Land Auction, Arapahoe, Neb.

4 AgIron West Fargo, West Fargo, ND

5 BigIron Realty, 79.54+/- Acres Hall Co. Online Land Auction

5 BigIron Realty, 78.36+/- Acres Hall Co. Online Land Auction

5 BigIron Realty, 93.52+/- Acres Polk Co. Online Land Auction

5 Farmers National Co., 158.98+/- Acres Platte Co. Land Auction, Humphrey, Neb.

5 Hanson Glendale Farm Partnership, 240+/- Acres Land Auction, Monroe, Neb.

5 Midwest Land Company, Madison Co. Farmland Auction, Battle Creek, Neb.

6 Farmers National Co., 160+/- Acres Johnson Co Land Auction, Lincoln, Neb.

6 Lynch/Lambert Owners, 160+/- Acres Jefferson Co Land Auction, Plymouth, Neb.

6 Mary Mahrt, Saunders Co. Farmland Auction, Colon, Neb.

7 Gary & Pat Marks, Retirement Auction, Pierce, Neb.

7 Roger Clark, Farm Retirement Auction, Crescent, Iowa

7 Willard Farms, Retirement Farm Auction, Logan, Iowa

9 Laverne Jablonski Estate, Absolute Real Estate Auction, Elyria, Neb.

10 Farmers National Co., 480+/- Acres Nance Co Land Auction, Fullerton, Neb.

10 Farmers National Co., 80+/- Acres Seward Co Land Auction, Lincoln, Neb.5B

10 Steffes Group, Farm Retirement Auction, Lisbon, ND

11 Daren Sutton Estate/Tri-State Seeding Co, Business Liquidation, Fremont, Neb.

11 Farmers National Co., 311+/- Acres Hall Co. Land Auction, Doniphan, Neb.

12 BigIron Realty, 195.48+/- Acres Scotts Bluff Co. Online Land Auction

12 BigIron Realty, 235+/- Acres Scotts Bluff Co Online Land Auction

13 Gary & Karen Christiansen Trust, Farm Equipment Auction, Denison, Iowa

14 Surge Sales, Close Out Auction, Hartington, Neb.

16 Farmers National Co., 65.67+/- Acres Lancaster Co. Land Auction, Lincoln, Neb.

17 Farmers National Co., 152.27+/- Acres Cass Co. Land Auction, Ashland, Neb.

17 Farmers National Co., 206.15+/- Acres Johnson & Otoe Counties Land Auction, Lincoln, Neb.

19 BigIron Realty, 547.25+/- Acres Decatur/Rawlins Co. Kansas Online Land Auction

19 BigIron Realty, 153.76+/- Acres Hall Co. Online Land Auction

19 BigIron Realty, 234.30+/- Acres Ellis Co. Kansas Online Land Auction

20 Farmers National Co., 330.06+/- Acres Franklin Co Bid Auction


18 Creamer, Heimes, Janssen Auctions, Winter Firearms Auction, Hartington, Neb.

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