ST. LOUIS — In response to devastating flooding in Nebraska that began last week, the Equipment Dealers Foundation (EDF), Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) and Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association (INEDA) have released a call to action for their members and the entire industry. The groups are urging anyone who can to make a donation to EDF’s Disaster Relief Fund.

Disaster Relief Funds go directly to assist employees of equipment dealerships impacted by natural disasters. Donations can be made online or by completing a pledge card and mailing a check made out to Equipment Dealers Foundation to: Equipment Dealers Foundation, 165 N. Meramec Ave. Suite 430, St. Louis, MO 63105.

EDF also accepts donations made via credit card over the phone. Call the EDF office at 636-349-5000.

For anyone seeking assistance as a result of the flooding, here is help. Call for additional information or fill the Disaster Relief Application.

The Disaster Relief Fund, since its inception following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, has been providing grant money to offset the financial demands of dealership employees who are affected by natural disasters. Grant money can be used for temporary housing, food, water and other necessities.

Andy Goodman, president and CEO of the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association, has pledged that INEDA will match any donation the fund receives from one of his dealer members.

“We are calling on all members of the agriculture community, especially those in Iowa and Nebraska, to support your colleagues and peers who are facing terrible destruction, incredible expenses and months of rebuilding as a result of this flooding,” said Goodman. “INEDA is proud to commit to making a matching donation to the EDF for every INEDA member who donates.”