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A live event is the preferred way to get information for the farm, but when a pandemic tosses you a lemon, the best choice is to make lemonade.

For the Farm Progress Virtual Experience — a combination of Husker Harvest Days typically held near Grand Island, Nebraska, and the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, the lemonade goes beyond extensive field demonstrations. Farmers who attend the free event Sept. 15-17 will be able to choose from a focused range of breakout sessions designed to help them deal with hot topics of the day.

“We’re being very targeted in our approach to content for this show,” said Don Tourte, senior vice president of sales for Farm Progress. “In a virtual environment, it’s all too easy to bury a visitor in dozens of presentations. That’s not our intent with the Farm Progress Virtual Experience.”

Tourte said the breakout sessions each of the three days will focus on different aspects of an operation, providing visitors the chance to choose what matters to them. For example, if risk management is important, a farmer will have the chance to hear from Bryce Knorr, contributing marketing analyst for Farm Futures, with his perspective on the markets. But on another day, Matt Bennett of Bennett Consulting will add to that insight with his look at key tactics for risk management on the farm.

Visitors to the three-day virtual event can choose among specific topics during each breakout session.

“But the beauty of a virtual experience is that they can return later to catch a breakout they may have missed when it first appeared,” Tourte said. “For example, if a farmer wants to start with the risk management session, he or she can return later to catch the land price update, or some other topic important to their operation.”

Events manager Matt Jungmann shared that farmers attend live shows to see equipment and discuss new products with exhibitors.

“But farmers have other management issues they’re dealing with these days and our online sessions can help with that, too,” he said. “From crop protection to mental health, from soil health to farm safety, we’re putting together a targeted list of sessions farmers can engage with.”

Recently, Jungmann appeared on the Around Farm Progress podcast where he shared information about the new event. You can check that out online —

The free event will be online at, to learn more visit