The rain is pouring down outside. We have been a little below average on moisture this year, so the last three days of rain has more than helped with that. Though, our poor water table is out of control in a couple of places.

The road coming into the Main Place is pretty much a lake. I had a goose swimming up the road in front of me this morning, and I think it’s only a matter of time before the muskrats build themselves a lovely casa. It will probably block the AutoGate.

The Boss Man had already dammed one side of it and parked the irrigation engine right in the middle of the road prior to calving, to try pumping some water from the one side of the road to the other. All was working great, until the culvert that has been plugged for years under the road miraculously came unplugged and water started flowing uphill.

It’s tough to roll your eyes too much at the water issues. All of us on this outfit would prefer it to the alternative, though there have definitely been some eye rolls.

Life is a little crazy right now. With calving at the Home Place starting to get into full swing, synching contract cows at the Home Place, and recips at the North, working on getting Flying Diamond Beef to the processor and the online store up and going, getting background lot cattle to grass or delivered to their new owners, getting fall ET calves delivered to their new homes, and somewhere amongst all of that I’m pretty sure I may have lost my sanity.

I stopped on my way through town the other day between places to grab a handful of groceries. I guess with all the social isolation that occurs on the ranch, I’ve missed out on some of the excitement — like the one-way stickers now in the grocery store. I have always considered myself a somewhat “normal” individual. Evidently, I’m not, because I seem to want to go down every aisle opposite of the labeled direction. I’m great with the six-foot spacing at the checkout because I usually am covered in some unknown substance and trying not to get dirty looks, but trying to think about which way I go down the aisle, I’m failing miserably.

I guess if that is my extent of social distancing, we are doing pretty well. Even though there are days that I wish I could be catching up on a thing or two around the house, I’m blessed to be in an industry where we can go about doing our daily business with mild interference.

Sunday I was procrastinating something fierce. The day before, the Right Hand and I had ran to the North Place to help the Business Partner sort cattle and put CIDRS in. Of course, just like clockwork the weather turned to yuck. Most of the morning it rained. With gumbo corrals, all of us were getting a great leg workout. The rain also caused some plan changes. In actuality, it was probably for the better, but it is a little frustrating when you have a plan in place then Mother Nature makes you change it.

I was running behind for the day. I got home later than expected, tried to feed at the background lot in the muck, got tagged up in the young cows, and then the Boss Man showed up with some feeders that needed to be taken care of. I made the decision that heck with it, I’ll run through the old cows and get caught up tagging the following day.

Sunday rolled around, and considering I pretty much had to roll myself out of bed Sunday morning, I thought I’d keep track of the miles I put on for the day tagging just in the old cow pasture. Upon conclusion of tagging on Sunday I had driven 18.3 miles. If I tracked the whole route with GPS, it has to be the most messed-up looking map known to mankind. There would be some massive donut-looking affairs, chasing calves in a circle five to 10 times. There would be lines showing the back-tracking to find out where my ball cap blew off and marks going around all the random soapweeds and washouts.

On second thought, that would be really entertaining. I’m going to find out where on my phone I can track that movement. With all the commotion that is going on in life right now, one needs to find enjoyment wherever they can.

Jaclyn Wilson is more than a rancher, raising Red Angus cattle at Wilson Ranch near Lakeside, Nebraska. She’s an artist with a welder’s torch. She holds leadership positions with several agriculture organizations. She can be reached at

Jaclyn Wilson raises Red Angus cattle at Wilson Ranch near Lakeside, Nebraska. Send comments to her at