dumb and dumber movie scene

I’m following up on a column that was published a couple weeks ago regarding the government shutdown. I want to thank everyone for the feedback from both sides of the discussion. It is always good to listen and meditate on other points of view.

While I knew that I would likely receive some feedback from our readers who disagree with my point of view, I was sad to see one response that makes me realize that for some individuals there is long distance to travel before we can meet in the middle.

For one response I can’t get the picture out of my head of Lloyd Christmas plugging his ears, yelling “la-la-la-la-la”, all while trying to block out what Harry is trying to yell at him (for those of you who get the reference you know that you can’t Triple Stamp a Double Stamp).

Below is the response I received from Joe:

You think we should be a country of open borders and welcome all to the USA…Well sir how many of these people are YOU personally going take in your house and care.

I bet you lock your doors at night…Why…you say we should welcome all with open arms…so why not leave you doors unlock so people of need can just walk into you home... (same thing as leaving our borders open). If you want millions of people crossing the borders yearly and coming this country illegal why don’t you do your share(like letting them stay in your home for free) instead of mouthing off about what other people should do. Can I cross into Mexico and be greeted with open arms…HELL NO… I voted for the President cause I was worried about people like you willing to destroy this country with your suptidy.

For the record, you may want to reread my column. This is not what I said. I believe in a secure country with generous legal immigration laws.

What makes me sad is that Joe felt the need to get personal. For the record, Joe and I have never met but he seems to know a lot about me, my family, my history and my life. For Joe’s sake, I want him to know that I feel very privileged to live in this country and fortunate to have the opportunities afforded to me. Those opportunities started with my family coming to America in search of a better life. I believe that God allows Americans to have a little more of His possessions in a test to determine if we are good stewards of His blessings.

Joe, my door is open to you and anyone who needs help. I’m sorry you feel the need to call me “suptidy” (might want to spell check next time).

In the meantime, you may want to switch to decaf and put a little more joy in your life.

Mike Wood is the publisher of Midwest Messenger and Midwest Messenger: Kansas.