We made some changes to the Midwest Messenger and we realize that we are “moving your cheese” a little bit with this minor redesign. Please don’t panic! After feedback from readers, we made a few improvements and changes which we think will make your reading experience a better one.

We have invested in a new printer which made for three new improvements. First, we are now stapling each section of the paper. Hopefully this will help keep the paper more manageable and convenient for you to read. Second, we have improved the quality of the paper. This better paper will make images, color and fonts more readable and sharp. Finally, we have added more color and content. Who doesn’t want more of the great Messenger content? (That was a rhetorical question that doesn’t require the obvious answer of “YES.”)

One of the additional changes is an improved redesign of the front cover. Our space is limited on the front cover, and we have a lot of really great content vying for that premium space. We have always been known for our old black and white farming photos on the cover. Unfortunately, with the limited space, the photos have not been as big as we want them to be recently.

So, on the cover you will find a small version of the old photo along with information on where to find the full size image inside the paper. Typically the old photo will be on, or around, page 6. We are making the old photo much larger than it has been in the past, and we will always indicate where to find the old photo on the front cover.

You will continue to find the auction calendar on the front cover as well as other featured content, plus the top stories of the week.

We always want to make your reading experience a great one. We realize that change can be a little difficult at first, but we believe that these are improvements which will make your reading experience even better.

In regards to our old photo features, we need your help! We need your old photos. Please send us your photos and we will work to feature them in the Midwest Messenger. We would also like to know more about them. If you have any information or background on what you send us, please include that with the photo. You can send old photos to editorial@midwestmessenger.com or mail them to Midwest Messenger, c/o Old Photo, PO Box 239, Tekamah NE 68061. Make sure to include your contact information, and one of our editors will reach out.

If you love old photos, go www.midwestmessenger.com and check out our archive of previously featured old photos.

Thank you for your loyal readership over the years. We appreciate your feedback and we hope these changes make your publication even better than it has been over the past 50 years.


Mike Wood

Mike Wood is publisher of Midwest Messenger, Midwest Messenger: Kansas, Tri-State Neighbor, and The Prairie Star. He can be reached at mike.wood@lee.net.

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