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Health-conscious dairy consumers now have another reason to celebrate!

Health-conscious dairy consumers now have another reason to celebrate!

Pomeroy, OH—Snowville Creamery has become the first dairy in America to produce milk and yogurt products exclusively from 100% tested A2/A2 grass-grazed cows.Genetics determine what kind of proteins are produced in milk. Humans, goats, and sheep all produce milk that has only A2-type protein. Cows, on the other hand, had a genetic mutation thousands of years ago that resulted in the production of an A1 protein in some cows’ milk. Many people who have digestive discomfort after drinking milk have reported that they do not have issues with milk that is from A2 cows. Many scientific studies back up these reports.Snowville Creamery was founded by nationally acclaimed Dairy Evangelist Warren Taylor and his wife Victoria, who have built a reputation on their relentless mission to provide the healthiest, highest-quality dairy products in America. For example, in 2014 Snowville Creamery became the first milk bottler in America to require that any grain their dairy farmers feed to cows, however minimal that might be, must be routinely tested and verified as non-GMO. By contrast, Organic standards do NOT require such testing. Snowville Creamery’s milk is pasteurized with minimum time and temperature providing milk as close to raw milk as federal pasteurization law allows, while most Organic milk is sterilized, or “ultra-pasteurized.” And while most Organic milk is homogenized, Snowville Creamery’s milk is not, so the cream rises to the top – the way it used to be.Snowville produces Whole, Reduced Fat, Fat Free and Chocolate Milks, Half & Half, Whipping Cream, Plain and Reduced Fat Plain Yogurts, Reduced Fat Vanilla and Gingamon Yogurts, Full Fat Lemon-Ginger and Coffee-Cardamom Yogurts, and Crème Fraîche. They can be purchased at stores throughout Ohio, and in an eight-state region of Whole Foods Market stores including Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia.If you’re looking for dairy products, Snowville has the whole package: grass-grazed, non-GMO feed, no artificial growth hormone, and now from 100% tested A2/A2 cows. Think all milk is the same? Think again. There’s a big difference. Milk the way it used to be.

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