PHOTO CREDIT: Hoard’s Dairyman

CFANS Animal Science Dairy Cattle Judging Team competed at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky, early this month and placed first overall team for the sixth time in eight years in the collegiate division.

The top five teams were (in descending order): University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin (UW)-River Falls, Oklahoma State, UW-Madison, and Iowa State. The CFANS team also placed second in oral reasons and first in the Guernsey and Jersey breeds.

Team members were Brooke Roberts (Whitelaw, Wisconsin) who placed second overall, first in the Jersey breed, and tenth in oral reasons; Haely Leiding (Fountain, Minnesota) who placed sixth overall and second in the Guernsey breed; Krista Styer (Menomonie, Wisconsin) who placed sixteenth overall, and seventh in oral reasons; and Trent Dado (Amery, Wisconsin) who placed third in the Guernsey breed.

Coaches are Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Dairy Cattle Genetics Les Hansen, alumni Scott Ellinghuysen and Alicia Thurk Hiebert, and graduate student Eric Houdek.

Additionally, CFANS students, Mikayla Erf (Oakdale, Minnesota) and Sierra Swanson (Hutchinson, Minnesota) were on the winning 4-H team from Minnesota. Vanessa Roberts (Whitelaw, Wisconsin) and Eva Doornink (Baldwin, Wisconsin) were a part of the second place 4-H team from Wisconsin.

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