Michael Moline

A senior at St. Peter Public High School, Michael Moline serves as the Minnesota FFA Region 7 president. He encourages everyone to visit the silent auction held at the North American Farm & Power Show.

Competitive by nature, Michael Moline always thought FFA would offer him the opportunity to show pigs.

So, it was a surprise when FFA provided so much more.

“FFA is a lot more than just showing, or just being with people. I realize how many opportunities that they have within leadership and different things I can do,” said Moline, 18. A senior at St. Peter Public High School, Moline serves as the Minnesota FFA Region 7 president. It is a challenging post, and one that he takes seriously.

As a regional officer, he shares his story to help others see what is possible for each individual. He appreciates the work of the Minnesota FFA Foundation to provide partnerships and resources to help youth succeed.

At the North American Farm & Power Show, the Minnesota FFA Foundation will hold a silent auction. Exhibitors donate items, and exhibitors plus guests at the show bid on these items throughout the show – Thursday, March 19, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Friday, March 20, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Saturday, March 21, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Bidders can check back frequently to see how the bidding is coming. The auction is always held in the front entryway of the Four Seasons Centre at the Steel County Fairgrounds.

Moline mentioned that some youth will need scholarships to attend National FFA Convention 2020, Oct. 28-31, in Indianapolis, and things like the North American Farm & Power Show silent auction can help.

“There are a lot of scholarships and different things available to send kids to National Convention,” he said. “I think that is just an amazing experience for all these youth that possibly couldn’t go if it wasn’t for all these great grants for them to get money.”

Trips to attend the Washington Leadership Conference of National FFA are sometimes financed by Minnesota FFA Foundation and other groups/grants, he added.

“I was talking to another regional officer, and he’s talking about all the great stuff that the FFA Foundation did for them to make the trip affordable and super fun,” Moline said.

Describing himself as “super competitive,” Moline plays sports and hockey, and likes showing pigs.

“If I’m not winning, there is something I’m doing wrong,” he said. He takes pride in showmanship competitions where he is judged, as well as his pig.

He initially got involved in FFA because he wanted to show pigs at the Minnesota State Fair after ninth grade. In tenth grade, he started judging livestock, and then meats. He had success competing, but as an eleventh grader, he realized he wanted to learn more about leadership.

“I told my advisors (Ms. Gena Lilienthal and Mr. Michael Reeser) I wanted to be on the regional officer team, and they said, ‘That’s great,’” he said.

After filling out applications, attending leadership seminars and completing interviews, Moline was selected as the president for his region.

Since that time, he’s been busy with a number of regional projects including a service project to bring Christmas gifts to children in need. The regional officer team also spent last summer planning curriculum and facilitating statewide camps.

“I just love the leadership side of FFA,” Moline said. “All these opportunities are presented for youth. FFA has everything that anyone could want. I think it’s a great organization that I’m proud to be involved in.”