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Another successful Minnesota Youth Livestock Expo

Another successful Minnesota Youth Livestock Expo

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The Minnesota Youth Livestock Expo (MYLE) 2021 was a repeat performance after last year’s very successful inaugural event that occurred with COVID shelter-in-place requirements.

Beef, sheep, market goats, and rabbit shows were held July 8-11 at the Martin County Fairgrounds in Fairmont, Minn. The swine show was held July 17-19 at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Jackson, Minn. The dates were selected to work around county fairs and the Minnesota State Fair, held Aug. 26-Sept. 6, 2021.

With COVID restrictions being relaxed in 2021, this year’s MYLE event offered a highly competitive “preview” show to help Minnesota youth prepare themselves and their livestock for showing competitively through the next few months.

Livestream recordings of the shows are available on Facebook’s Minnesota Youth Livestock Expo page for the champion events. A complete list of winners is also available at

The 2021 Minnesota Youth Livestock Expo show champions include the following: We apologize for any name misspellings, and ask that you would contact if there are errors. 

Beef Show

Breeding Heifers

• Grand Champion Breeding Heifer Keagan Steck, Woodstock.

Cow/Calf Pair

• Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair Jazlynn Hilbrands, Holloway.

Prospect Calf

• Grand Champion Prospect Calf Keagan Steck, Woodstock.

Market Beef

• Grand Champion Market Beef Lynsey Schmitz, Austin.

Dairy Steer

• Grand Champion Dairy Steer Jace Katzung, Owatonna.

Swine Show

Market Barrows

• Grand Champion Alex Nielsen, Albert Lea.

Market Gilts

• Grand Champion Market Gilt Cameron Prins, Iona.

Breeding Gilts

• Grand Champion Breeding Gilt Danica Prins, Iona.

Sheep Show

Breeding Ewe

• Grand Champion Breeding Ewe Adriana Wendland, Shakopee.

Market Lamb

• Grand Champion Market Lamb Kaden Nelson, New Richland.

Wether Dam

• Grand Champion Sheep Wether Dam Westin Rehm, Moorhead.

Goat Show

Breeding Goat

• Grand Champion Breeding Doe Khloe Nelson, New Richland.

Market Goat

• Grand Champion Market Goat Lynsey Schmitz, Austin.


• Champion Market Rabbit Lexie Ignaszewski, New Richland.

• Best in Rabbit Show Jazlyn Meyer, Fairmont.

Complete MYLE 2021 results:

Swine Showmanship. Shandy Bertolino, Judge.


1 Caden Vorpagel 2 Riley Einck 3 Jase Wanous 4 Hayden Censky 5 Kirbee Mulder


1 Olivia Vorpagel 2 Brock Nissen 3 Carter Prins 4 Danny Larson 5 Natalie Einck


1 Danica Prins 2 Payten Benda 3 Charli Gjemse 4 Tanner Nelson 5 Ava Schoenfeld


1 Carsen Schneekloth 2 Ryan Franz 3 Zach Wanous 4 Anika Hansen 5 Ryan Hegland

MYLE 2021 Breeding Gilt Results

Overall Champion Breeding Gilt Danica Prins

Overall Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt Luke Ruen

Third Overall Breeding Gilt Alyza Heise

Fourth Overall Breeding Gilt Ryan Franz

Fifth Overall Breeding Gilt Olivia Vorpagel

Champion Berkshire Breeding Gilt Hunter Bioch

Reserve Champion Berkshire Breeding Gilt Ryan Risius

Champion Chester White Breeding Gilt Olivia Vorpagel

Reserve Champion Chester White Breeding Gilt Makenzie Krause

Champion Hampshire Breeding Gilt Danny Larson

Reserve Champion Hampsire Breeding Gilt Preston Welling

Champion AOB Breeding Gilt  Ryan Holmen

Reserve Champion AOB Breeding Gilt Alenka Jans

Champion Spotted Breeding Gilt Taylor Larson

Reserve Champion Spotted Breeding GiltSpencer Eiserbraun

Champion Yorkshire Breeding Gilt Lindsey Nielsen

Reserve Champion Yorkshire Breeding Gilt Byan Holmen

Champion Division 1 Crossbred Breeding Gilt 

Reserve Champion Division 1 Crossbred Breeding Gilt Isabelle Patterson

Champion Division 2 Crossbred Breeding Gilt Danica Prins

Reserve Champion Division 2 Crossbred Breeding Gilt Alyza Helse

Champion Division 3 Crossbred Breeding Gilt Audrey Redalen

Reserve Champion Division 3 Crossbred Breeding Gilt Tommy Lindstrom

Champion Crossbred Breeding Gilt Danica Prins

Reserve Champion Crossbred Breeding Gilt Alyza Helse

Market Barrows

Overall Champion Market Barrow Alex Nielsen

Overall Reserve Champion Market Barrow William Freking

Third Overall Market Barrow Nicole Kotiolek

Fourth Overall Market Barrow Lindsey Nielsen

Fifth Overall Market Barrow Reilly Hubin

Champion Berkshire Market Barrow Audrey Redalen

Reserve Champion Berkshire Market Barrow Dylan Kramer

Champion Chester White Market Barrow Caden Vorpagel

Reserve Champion Chester White Market Barrow Beau Sathre

Champion Duroc Market Barrow Thomas Freking

Reserve Champion Duroc Market Barrow Madison Krause

Champion Hampshire Market Barrow Braeden Erickson

Reserve Champion Hampshire Market Barrow Olivia Vorpagel

Champion Poland China Market Barrow Ryan Holmen

Reserve Champion Poland China Market Barrow Julie Carr

Champion Spotted Market Barrow Reilly Hubin

Reserve Champion Spotted Market Barrow Ryan Hansen

Champion Yorkshire Market Barrow Garrett Aggen

Reserve Champion Yorkshire Market Barrow Haley Schwedke

AOB Market Barrow Milo Feltis

AOB Market Barrow Tyler Steele

Champion Division 1 Crossbred Market Barrow Lindsey Nielsen

Reserve Champion Division 1 Crossbred Market Barrow Kate Freking

Champion Division 2 Crossbred Market Barrow Alex Nielsen

Reserve Champion Division 2 Crossbred Market Barrow Ryan Risius

Champion Division 3 Crossbred Market Barrow William Freking

Reserve Champion Division 3 Crossbred Market Barrow Nicole Kotololek

Champion Crossbred 

Champion Crossbred Market Barrow Alex Nielsen

Reserve Champion Crossbred Market Barrow William Freking

Market Gilts

Overall Champion Market Gilt Cameron Prins

Overall Reserve Champion Market Gilt Aiden Rodning

Third Overall Market Gilt Carter Prins

Fourth Overall Market Gilt Aubrey Kerkse

Fifth Overall Market Gilt Cole Knutson

Champion Division 1 Market Gilt Madilyn Kramer

Reserve Champion Division 1 Market Gilt Jackson Roll

Champion Division 2 Market Gilt Carter Prins

Reserve Champion Division 2 Market Gilt Tyler Kurt

Champion Division 3 Market Gilt Aiden Rodning

Reserve Champion Division 3 Market Gilt Carter Prins

CATTLE (Top 5)

  1. Breeding Heifers
    1. Keagan Steck- Woodstock, MN
    2. Lynsey Schmitz- Austin, MN
    3. Marin Eeg- Greenbush, MN
    4. Brooke Polzin-Darwin, MN
    5. Lindsey Nielsen- Albert Lea, MN
  2. Market Beef
    1. Lynsey Schmitz- Austin, MN
    2. Jace Taylor- Blue Earth, MN
    3. Lindsey Nielsen- Albert Lea, MN
    4. Emily Thorson- Glenville, MN
    5. Connor Goslee- Glenville, MN
  3. Cow/ Calf Pairs
    1. Jazlynn Hilbrands- Holloway, MN
    2. Lydia Coonrod- Hastings, MN
    3. Gabby Nemitz- Canby, MN
    4. Paige Gunsolus- Pemberton, MN
    5. Leighton Hackett- Sauk Rapids, MN
  4. Prospect Calves
    1. Keegan Steck- Woodstock, MN
    2. Tate Holm- Chandler, MN
    3. Jorja Holm- Chandler, MN
    4. Hannah Werner- Hastings, MN
    5. Kaylean Thingstad- Fairmont, MN

Breeding Heifer Judges: Chan & A.K Philips

Market Beef/ Prospect/ Cow & Calf Judge: Brandon Callis 

Showmanship: Market Beef/ Prospect/ Cow & Calf Showmanship Judge: Greg Harder, Breeding Heifer Showmanship Judge: A.K. Philips

Breeding Heifer Junior

        1. Jorja Holm
        2. Cooper Dorn
        3. Scott Swanek
        4. Keagan Steck
        5. Lydia Faulhaber
  • Intermediate
        1. Brooke Polzin
        2. Aubrey Schmidt
        3. Ava Schoenfeld
        4. Jaxon Hilbrands
        5. Wyatt Herman
  • Senior
        1. Paige Peine
        2. Alyssa Nesler
        3. Tyler Degroot
        4. Marin Eeg
        5. Alex Kellen
  • Market Beef/Prospect/ Cow/Calf
  • Junior
        1. Riley Bungum
        2. Jorja Holm
        3. Cooper Dorn
        4. Jace Taylor
        5. Lydia Faulhaber
  • Intermediate
        1. Audre Redalen
        2. Brooke Polzin
        3. Madison Mattson
        4. Jazlynn Hilbrands
        5. Andrew Revier
  • Senior
        1. Emily Thorson
        2. Brooklyn Hiniker
        3. Lee Bjorklund
        4. Gabby Nemitz
        5. Sara Penzenstadler
  • Dairy Steers
  • Top 5
        1. Jace Katzun
        2. Lex Lewison
        3. Caleb Merkouris
        4. Madison Mattson
        5. Macy Mattson
  • Showmanship
      1. Junior ( only 3 participants )
        1. Karina Erickson
        2. Lindsay Taylor
        3. Kaitlyn Taylor
      1. Intermediate
        1. Jace Katzung
        2. Ellen Merkouris
        3. Lex Lewison
        4. Madison Mattson
        5. Macy Mattson
      1. Senior
        1. Anika Hanse
        2. Grace Erickson
        3. MaKenna Jacobs
        4. Karter Jax
        5. James Mullenbach


  • Market Lambs
  1. Market Lamb Top 5
    1. Kaden Nelson
    2. Taryn Rehm
    3. Jack Van Nurden
    4. Kaden Nelson
    5. Kalli Nelson
    1. Showmanship

      i.      Juniors

        1. Whitney Williams
        2. Lindsey Williams
        3. Ivy Tiesler
        4. Layden Larson
        5. Mason Solem

         ii.      Intermediate

        1. Allison Van Nurden
        2. Jack Van Nurden
        3. Kalli Nelson
        4. Samantha Williams
        5. Katie Radman

          iii.      Senior

        1. Kaden Nelson
        2. Matthew Wiebe
        3. Grace Arthur
        4. Jackson Guggisberg
        5. Dominik Smith
  • Wether Dam
  1. Wether Dam Top 5
    1. Westin Rehm
    2. Alex Resch
    3. Jerson Kopka
    4. Anna Ridenour
    5. Allison Van Nurden
    1. Showmanship

    i.      Juniors

        1. Weston Rehm
        2. Khloe Nelson
        3. Colton Herman
        4. Lane Fruechte
        5. Hannah Sommers

     ii.      Intermediate

        1. Colby Dohrn
        2. Karley Hamilton
        3. Alivia Fruechte
        4. Wyatt Herman
        5. Tatum Goetz

iii. Senior

  • Haley Van Nurden
  • Jerson Kopka
  • Megan Olson
  • Anna Ridenour
  • Christian Kruse
  • Breeding Ewes
  1. Breeding Ewe Top 5
    1. Adriana Wendland
    2. Mason Fruechte
    3. Elaine Dorn
    4. Olivia Vorpagel
    5. Nathan Bobendrier
    1. Showmanship


        1. Mason Fruechte
        2. Nichole Theony
        3. Adrian Caskey
        4. Paige Moe
        5. Eli Baumgartner


        1. Brooklyn O’Brien
        2. Briana Thoeny
        3. Riley Joyer
        4. Lilly Ostlie
        5. Lane Olson


        1. Elaine Dorn
        2. Nathan Bobendrier
        3. Brooke Anderson
        4. Sydney Poquette
        5. Michael Carpenter


  • Market Goats 
    • Showmanship
  1. Junior
    1. Khloe Nelson
    2. Aubrey Quam
    3. Lindsey Williams
    4. Ava Sand
    5. Karina Erickson
    6. 1.Tegan Ridenour
  • Intermediate
    • 1. Tegan Ridenour
    • 2.Ava Schoenfeld
    • 3. Jilian Schoenfeld
    • 4. Layne Schmidt
    • 5. Cole Schlueter
    • Senior
        1. Bailee Swanson
        2. Alex Kuethe
        3. Carissa Kleinwort
        4. Kayla Schmidt
        5. Landin Warmka
  • Market Goat Top 5 
    • Lynsey Schmitz
    • Tegan Ridenou
    • Khloe Nelson
    • Ava Schoenfeld
    • Tegan Ridenour
      • Showmanship
      • Junior
  1. Brooklyn Boersma
  2. Blakely Weber
  3. Brienna Boersma
  4. Cortney Schmidt
  5. Lynnzae Van Wyk
  • Intermediate
  1. Noah Thompson
  2. Katie Radman
  3. Carson Ahren
  4. Rece Johnson
  5. Skyler Weber
  • Senior
  1. Mikayla Brennan
  2. Landin Warmka
  3. Isabella Philips
  4. Carissa Kleinwort
  5. Brooke Polzin
  • Breeding Doe Top 5 
  1. Khloe Nelson
  2. Tegan Ridenour
  3. Isabella Philips
  4. Elizabeth Krause
  5. Eva Brennan

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