June 1, 2020 Heat Stress, Livestock Upper Midwest

With temperatures reaching 90 degrees F and higher on June 1, 2020 Minnesota farmers and those in neighboring states need to check on their livestock that may face heat stress.

Providing shade, breeze and cool water are essential as livestock are not yet used to hot temperatures in the Upper Midwest.

The National Weather Service issued heat indices between 90-95 degrees in Central and Southern Minnesota.

For the livestock community, according to the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, Neb., breathing rates are a good way to determine if cattle are stressed. 

For temperatures higher than 80 F:

Less than 90 breaths per minute Normal

From 90 - 110 breaths per minute Alert

From 110 - 130 breaths per minute Danger

Above 130 breaths per minute Emergency 

The June 1 forecast indicated temperatures could cause heat stress for livestock in western Minnesota and portions of South Dakota.