Turn around, don't drown.

While it doesn't have quite the feel of 1996-97, weather conditions were bad enough across many parts of Minnesota in mid-March 2019. 

Piled on top of record snowfall in February, the storm of March 9-10 brought up to a foot of snow across western Minnesota.

In addition, on March 13-14, many Minnesota areas received more than 1 inch of rain. The rain quickly soaked into the snow and carried it away to low regions -- whether field or stream. Additional snow and wind in northwest Minnesota on March 14-15 closed many major highways.

Flooding has begun in many areas, and some gravel roads are not drivable.

The latest in a series of major winter storms brought heavy, wet accumulating snow to Minnesota, along with rain and sleet in the eastern and southern parts of the state, according to the Minnesota Climatology Office.

"The storm on March 9-10 had a lot of warm air and very high moisture content, leading to rainfall of up to a half-inch in southern Minnesota, along with heavy, wet, sticky snow elsewhere. The vast majority of the state received between a half-inch and 1.25 inches of precipitation. The snow was difficult to clear, and the added weight of the rain or heavy, wet snow led to roof collapses in northwestern Minnesota, including at the St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Moorhead. The roof over the pool at the Holiday Inn Express in Winona also gave way after rain and then snow added to its load.  Public health officials throughout the state posted warnings about risks from overexertion during shoveling and roof-clearing.

flooded intersection
Standing water at a south Minneapolis intersection during the initial rains on March 9th, 2019 
Image credit: MN State Climatology Office