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AGCO expands Fendt brand into row crop market with new 900 Series
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AGCO expands Fendt brand into row crop market with new 900 Series

JACKSON, Minn. – The Fendt tractor is a well-known, versatile tractor among livestock producers and custom farming operators, such as manure haulers. With the release of the completely redesigned Fendt 900 Series at the 2019 Farm Progress Show, AGCO is working on expanding the Fendt market.

“You can quickly see this tractor, the Fendt 900 Series, has been specifically designed for the row crop market of today's North American producers,” said Andrew Sunderman, tactical marketing manager with AGCO, during a media event at Jackson ahead of the Farm Progress show release. “This tractor really showcases Fendt’s ability to expand on technology offerings, which provide our customers with competitive advantages over others.”

The 900 Series comes in five different models ranging from 296 to 415 horsepower. AGCO’s goal was to expand on the previously released 1000 Series, while offering something new to crop farmers.

One particularly unique feature is the VarioGrip central tire inflation system.

“This is something that really allows Fendt to provide an extra level of technology that no other tractor brand in the market is offering,” said Sunderman. “We're able to change the tire pressure from the Varioterminal on the go, whether inflating or deflating tire pressure.”

As soil conditions change from field-to-field, the operator can optimize tire pressure on the go without leaving the cab or even stopping the tractor. Depending on the tires used by the operator, about one bar, or 14.5 psi, can be added in roughly eight minutes and deflation rates will vary based on the amount of weight the tractor is carrying.

By adjusting the tire pressure to meet field conditions, the operator can achieve better tire-to-soil contact, better distribution of equipment weight and reduce overall compaction.

“We also offer in this tractor our dual pump, dual circuit 113-gallon-per-minute hydraulic system,” he said. “This is unprecedented in this size of tractor and provides up to 113 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow to the largest and most demanding implements.”

The great benefit of the dual pump, dual circuit system is efficiency and versatility.

“When we are looking at hydraulic flow. A couple of things that are of great importance are providing the required hydraulic flow at a low engine speed for lower fuel consumption, as well as responsive operation of the implements,” he said.

Today’s implements, planters for example, can have many different systems that are run off the tractor’s hydraulic system. This can be the case with simple systems, such as raising and lowering the planter, and more complex systems, such as maintaining downforce pressure.

Each system has a different required hydraulic pressure that must be maintained by the tractor to function. One system may require up to 2,500 psi, while another system may only need 1,700 psi.

With a single hydraulic pump system, the tractor is working to maintain the 2,500 psi across the entire hydraulic system, even though not all the implements require it. This takes engine horsepower to maintain.

“Where we offer a dual circuit system, we're able to program one of these systems to the pressure required of 2,500 psi and on the other system, we're able to lower the pressure only providing exactly what those other two hydraulic remotes require,” he said.

Horsepower is not being used to maintain hydraulic pressure on a system that does not require high pressure, but it’s allowing the tractor to run slower and conserve fuel.

The overall goal of the 900 Series tractor is to provide the power farmers need while being more efficient. That is evident in the low speed, low rev engine that Fendt first introduced in the 1000 Series.

“This tractor has an engine idle speed of 650 engine rpms and maximum engine rpm of 1,700 engine rpm, which is fairly unprecedented in the marketplace,” said Sunderman. “This allows for better fuel efficiency and reduced wear on the engine without compromising pulling performance.”

Additionally, the Fendt 900 Series features a luxury cab designed to reduce operator stress and fatigue.

“The 900 Series allows us to effectively meet the needs of the larger row crop market because of the tractors adjustable track widths and 60-inch row crop settings as well as their great maneuverability,” he said. “These tractors can go into any of the row crop market segments that we have in North America.”

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