jill wilkey

Jill Wilkey

FARGO, N.D. – The North Dakota State University Career Center will be holding their Agriculture and Agribusiness Career Expo on Sept. 22 live from the Fargodome starting at 1 p.m.

This is an annual event attended by students in agriculture-related majors or interested in agriculture related careers.

The Agriculture and Agribusiness Career Expo enables students to connect and potentially interview for current and future career-related employment and internship opportunities.

“Currently we have 80 employers that have registered and I’m certain that will go up as we get closer,” said Jill Wilkey, director of the NDSU Career Center. “This is an opportunity for students with majors in agriculture and agribusiness, as well as other majors, to connect with employers for internships at the undergraduate level or for full time positions.”

The event is open to NDSU students, alumni, and current students from area four-year universities.

“I anticipate anywhere from 400-800 students to attend,” said Wilkey. “We encourage all underclassmen, grad students and alumni to attend.”

Due in large part to the NDSU Career Center’s efficiency and reputation, Wilkey has been told from past attendees that this career fair is one of the highest quality events in the state, if not the entire upper Midwest.

“The Career Center at NDSU has a solid reputation for putting on a very well run event,” she said. “We have an electronic registration system that allows us to move people through very quickly and we do a lot to help prepare the students for success.”

According to Wilkey, the Career Center has several events coming up to work with the students on how to make the career fair a successful experience.

“We do things such as resumé critiques to help the students prepare a dynamic resumé,” she said. “There is a lot of training for the students to get the most value out of their experience at the career fair.”

There will be a social held the night prior which will give employers the opportunity to connect with the students in a more casual atmosphere. Students are also trained on how to approach potential employers at the social.

“One of the things we cover is conversation starters to help them start a conversation with an employer at a career fair,” said Wilkey. “What do you wear? What do you bring? We give them many tips for success.”