Deloris Ewigman

Deloris Ewigman, who lives on her family farm near Marceline, Mo., enjoys cooking and baking for her family, especially pies. Her rhubarb pie is one of her most popular baked good with family and friends. 

MARCELINE, Mo. — Deloris Ewigman is most at home when she’s spending time with her family, including baking for her kids and grandkids.

She and her husband, Jim, have been married over 55 years and live on their family farm in Linn County, Mo., outside of Marceline.

Ewigman is especially known for her pies, including rhubarb and peach cream pies.

“I pretty well make everything from scratch,” she says.

Cooking has always gone hand-in-hand with the family’s farming operation. Ewigman and her husband live on the original farmstead the family purchased from the railroad in 1894.

“I’ve done a lot of cooking and just took it out to the field,” Ewigman says.

She also remembers cooking meals for bigger groups who were working on the farm.

“One time, I fried chicken and took it out when we had a hay crew,” Ewigman says.

She is well-known in the community for her baked goods, cooking for funeral dinners at her local church and for family events.

Ewigman remembers enjoying cooking as a kid and learning from experience. She likes to pass on her cooking knowledge to her kids and grandkids.

“All of my boys (cook), and they didn’t get it from their dad, that’s for sure,” she says with a smile. “They’re good cooks.”

Ewigman has “quite a collection” of cookbooks, and she enjoys looking at the different recipes. She has German heritage, and she particularly enjoys a cookbook from a family reunion, which features a wide variety of family recipes, traditions passed down through the years.

“We’ve got all family recipes in there,” she says.

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Ben Herrold is Missouri field editor, writing for Missouri Farmer Today, Iowa Farmer Today and Illinois Farmer Today.