Will Bier

Marion County farmer Will Bier says yields are excellent and harvest is progressing nicely in his area.

PALMYRA, Mo. — On a sunny and breezy last day of September, soybean harvest got underway for Will Bier. As the combine made the rounds on the Marion County field, Bier says his expectations were high.

“We just started (on soybeans),” he says. “They’re very good.”

He had started corn harvest Sept. 12, although it had been slow going waiting on fields to get ready in Northeast Missouri.

“The corn just won’t dry down,” he says.

The corn that had been harvested had shown some impressive yields.

“The corn’s amazing,” he says. “It’s going to be better than it’s got any right to be.”

The weather was beneficial this growing season, for the most part.

“We were real good right there until the end of August,” Bier says.

Like farmers across the state, Bier was watching trends in crop prices and trying to figure out the best marketing approach. He had contracted some of his soybeans but continued watching the prices to see what would be best for the rest of his crop.

With the hopper of soybeans full, it was time to unload, working on the first truckload of soybeans for 2020.

By Oct. 14, Bier says harvest was moving along nicely, although the area was getting “tinderbox dry” and could use a rain.

“We will be done with all the early beans in Marion County today,” he says. “Yield was excellent and we are progressing nicely.”

Ben Herrold is Missouri field editor, writing for Missouri Farmer Today, Iowa Farmer Today and Illinois Farmer Today.