Greg Rush harvests a field of soybeans

Greg Rush harvests a field of soybeans in Boone County. Rush said the soybeans were doing well so far. 

STURGEON, Mo. — On Oct. 9, Greg Rush was harvesting a field of soybeans on the flat terrain common to the northern portion of Boone County. The soybean field was just outside of the small town of Sturgeon, and Rush’s grain truck with his name painted on the door was parked at the edge of the field.

His combine was visible from far away as it traversed back and forth across the field of soybeans, gradually providing the results from the growing season in central Missouri.

Rush said he had just started cutting beans, but they were running in the low 60s for yield.

“That’s pretty good,” he said.

The corn crop had been showing a lot of variety.

“We’ve shelled quite a bit,” Rush said. “It’s all over the place. From 160 to 220.”

A lot of that variety stemmed from the weather this year. Wet weather during the spring affected planting dates and the early parts of the growing season for the corn. Rush said some fields of corn and soybeans had wet spots early on. Their impact was still visible as he harvested the field.

“You can see there were some wet spots,” he said, looking out over the field. “But most of it’s going to be good.”

Fortunately, the weather had been much more cooperative during harvest, providing some good windows for getting crops out in between rounds of rain. In particular, Rush said his area has been able to dodge some of the rain and accompanying harvest delays.

“So far, so good,” he said. “We’ve missed out on some of the rains.”

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Ben Herrold is Missouri field editor, writing for Missouri Farmer Today, Iowa Farmer Today and Illinois Farmer Today.