Regarding the AP article in the June 8, 2019, issue of Missouri Farmer Today titled “Northwest Missouri sees divide over wind power projects”: Many residents had a say in the matter of a wind farm in the county. Every contract holder as well as others who had opportunity for a contract had a say if they wanted their land to be a part of the Osborn Wind Energy project. No one was forced or coerced into the project.

In DeKalb County complaints by a small vocal minority such as shadow flicker, noise and even objects bouncing off shelves have been exaggerated to the extreme. Contrary to rumor, there is no “gag order” in any contract.

Our family as well as many others are leaseholders for wind turbine contracts in DeKalb County and recognize the many benefits from hosting a wind farm. DeKalb County is an agricultural community and a wind farm is an agricultural asset to farmers in the area.

In addition to benefiting farmers, the county has benefited in many ways. In 2018, DeKalb County received $2,725,999.16 from Osborn Wind Energy wind farm and $1,980,454.67 from Lost Creek wind farm. These dollars were dispersed to more numerous entities in the county. This does not include payments made to lease holders.

There are four schools in the county: Stewartsville, Maysville, Union Star and Osborn. Because of tax dollars generated by the wind farm, these schools have made numerous improvements from building additions, technology and programming, including the addition of a pre-school.

New homes are being built in DeKalb County. Because of Nextera Wind Energy’s commitment to road improvements on roads used for construction of wind turbines, some state and county roads have been better than they have in years.

Many residents in the county are thankful for the added revenue that has been a blessing to our small towns.

Bonnie Hinderks

DeKalb County, Mo.

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