It’s always the same. Favor those that have been favored and not treat farmers fair. We farmers can’t even have a trade agreement. Pelosi and the House Democrats want to strengthen labor in the U.S.-Canada-Mexico trade agreement. Labor has been strengthened nearly 90 years ago with the minimum wage law that has been increased and added to with more government action many times. Labor is not working below the world market, farmers are.

To say Trump has destroyed our reputation as a reliable trading partner is bull. I guess the writer (of a Bloomberg News story that ran Dec. 21) hasn’t heard about Jimmy Carter and the bean embargo. Other countries had beans bought and paid for that they couldn’t ship, so had to sell them back on our lower market that Carter created. Our trade partners were unhappy and said if they can fill their needs anywhere else they would never buy from us again. I was also unhappy as I watched the bean market drop. The market was $12.50 at the time the embargo started. I sold my beans later for $5.10. My contribution to the Carters cheap food policy that year was $75,000 — and we are still feeling the effect today. Wake up, America, and look at the facts. I think I am going to throw up.

Ted Kusgen

Blackwater, Mo.