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State Street isn't best for buses -- Dave Ferris

State Street isn't best for buses -- Dave Ferris

I’m a Madison Metro Transit bus driver. I and many other Metro Transit employees believe the buses should be pulled off State Street.

It would definitely be a much better and more entertaining environment for State Street. It would also alleviate some of the logistic challenges of our bus system. That goes into improving service and safety. It can be challenging for both pedestrians and drivers.

Over the past nine months, we’ve had people blocking traffic around the Capitol Square. This has led to a lot of detours, which has led to passengers missing their bus.

It’s my belief that pulling buses off of State Street would lead to a much more vibrant mall, as last Sunday's State Journal editorial, "Transform State St. into promenade," suggested.

It reminds me of the movie “The Blues Brothers,” when they’re being chased by the police. As they’re diving through the mall, Elwood says, “Yeah, lots of space in this mall.”

Dave Ferris, Madison

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