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Advocate For Agriculture

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One word summarized every speaker at the South Dakota Women in Agriculture annual conference: Agvocate.

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Stacy McClintock did not always picture a career in banking, but she was positive cattle would be a part of her life. It was a happy coinciden…

“Our goal is to keep people informed about where their daily food comes from, and realizing the hard work and sacrifices that farmers put into food to feed the people of the world,” Kansas Agri-Women President Lisa Nichols said.

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Wise words from Baxter Black: "You can't just set a price on someone's way of life."

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"One thing that I do not condone in agriculture is to tell someone to not consume a product that has been produced by the well-worn hands of those that 'ride for the brand.'”

"Going forward, let us all make a goal to reach out to those a little further removed from the family farm and tell our story. A story of devotion to the land and animals alike. A story of not only feeding America but feeding the world. A story of sustainable production practices and healthy and nutritious food choices."

"I can easily make the case that modern ranching and farming has a much smaller carbon footprint while being much more mindful of our environment. I cannot say the same about the rest of society and our use of those limited resources."

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