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Behavioral Health

"I often marvel at the continued advancements in the technology employed in production agriculture. It is probably good that we occasionally pause and reflect a bit on the wonderful progress made in medicine."

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At some point in our lives, we all experience the type of stress that is almost unbearable. The key here is to ask yourself, your friends and your loved ones: “How can I best cope with today’s issues and bounce back during those moments?”

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The number of suicides in South Dakota is up significantly over the past decade, increasing by 40%. At the same time, hospitalizations and emergency room visits for self-inflicted wounds nearly doubled. 

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I do not know why it is such a struggle sometimes to take better care yourself. When I think I’m doing good one day, the next it all goes south quickly. I try to meditate and I fall asleep. I try to eat better and then I raid the Boss Man’s potato chip cabinet. (I’ve learned to not keep any at my house as I evidently have no self-control with chips.) I’ll try to exercise, and end up grabbing a vodka popsicle instead. It’s a vicious cycle.

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Everyone perceives stress differently, and everyone reacts to stressful situations very differently. The difference we witness in each other i…

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