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Certified Angus Beef

"We’ve got to take care of the land, take care of our finances, then the cattle can better care for us. As we begin to focus more on the land and the soil, the others tend to come with it.”

Much of the cattle feeding business is outside of a manager’s control, but quality cattle caretaking is one thing Kendall Hopp can guarantee.

People who have been at it for decades, the second or third generation in this idea that carcass quality matters, with a well-tested recipe fo…

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Many cattlemen have an idea of how grid marketing works, but we still get a number of questions as they’re digging through carcass data. Knowing more about it will undoubtedly help producers create cattle that fit a grid, and ultimately their customers' needs. Paul Dykstra will present a free webinar, "Understanding grid marketing and carcass data," Jan. 21 at 1:30 p.m.

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Great cattlemen and women live their lives as if being great is not a goal. It is a constant pursuit.

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It’s watching the rain clouds roll in across a drought-stricken plain. It’s pacing the delivery room, waiting to meet your firstborn. It’s bri…

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There it was before me: A sunny pasture scene, pairs lazily grazing on still-green grass, as the river flowed by. A picture of serenity.

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Have you ever walked into a building and wondered about the engineer? Who verified that each beam sits right where it’s supposed to? Was he th…

My favorite book in the Bible is Exodus. The first time I read it, I remember getting so frustrated with the Israelites. How could they be so …

"I would argue that automated waterers have done more to reduce stockmanship than anything." He learned to identify sick animals while waiting for the tank to fill.

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