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Dust On The Dashboard

It is that time of the year when I do not feel fully comfortable until I have driven past the last group of cows and made sure they are in. I …

"My blood pressure is high and my productivity is low. I think I need a vacation. Not a chance, the thought of being gone for an extended period gives me a nervous twitch and hives." 

We lost a good man in our farming community last week. Eldon was one of the best farmers around and one that I admired and envied all at the s…

Cows are funny critters. This morning I was on my merry way doing chores and enjoying life when I popped over the last hill before the place w…

"I think the current trend of blaming beef production for climate change and the subsequent push to reduce or eliminate red meat consumption is one of the most baseless, senseless and shameful campaigns I have ever seen."

I am the master of putting things off. Procrastination is my special power, I admit it. Wednesday rolled around and I was out of tomorrows. But I did have later in the day. 

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"It’s funny how someone you see a couple of times a year can have such an impact on your life, but Merv was one of those guys."

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