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The later fall is typically the time of year where we are removing our gardens and cleaning them up. However, it is a great time to plant garlic.

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In the summer our lawns and gardens take a lot of care, but it is very rewarding. To have an appealing lawn, healthy trees, fantastic landscap…

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Summer is really here, if not by calendar, at least by the temperatures, and bugs. As an entomologist, I love when insects become active, but …

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By now you’ve heard the cicadas are coming. Entomologists predict the periodical cicada that are on a 17-year reproduction cycle will start emerging from the soil in mass within the next several days, and some early emergence has been documented in parts of Tennessee.

I love the spring, when we begin to see life in our landscapes again. It is a lot of work to maintain an attractive landscape, but when the pl…

"Growing up, my grandfather used to tell me that if the ticks are really bad early in the spring, that is a sign of a very dry summer. So far, that old wives tale is holding true."

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