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Percentage of meatpacking and processing sectors controlled by top four companies in the U.S.
(Politico chart using Family Farm Action Alliance data)

"Covid-19 was a shock up and down America’s supply chain for meat, from farmers and ranchers who couldn’t find buyers for their livestock and lost revenue and animals, to grocery shoppers who encountered steep meat prices, item limits and empty shelves. But it wasn’t the first or only such shock. Just a handful of giant companies process the vast majority of America’s beef, pork and poultry," Ryan McCrimmon


for Politico. "Take the beef sector: Four companies process about 85 percent of all the cattle fed and slaughtered for boxed beef, namely muscle cuts like ribs and steaks. That means that when one or more large meatpacking site is forced to shut down, it has ripple effects across the entire country, interrupting supplies and often raising prices. Just in the last three years, the meat supply chain has also been disrupted by a

fire at a major Tyson Foods plant

in Kansas and a ransomware attack that

shut down JBS plants

that process a fifth of the U.S. beef supply."

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African swine fever continues to inch its way across Europe, and while safeguards are in place to keep it out of the U.S., pork industry offic…

Modern pork production is high tech and requires producers to master a variety of things – animal husbandry, biosecurity, recordkeeping and much more. Today’s pork producers care about their pigs, their workers, the environment, and their community as they produce safe wholesome pork for consumer enjoyment.

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Pork producers, prepare your numbers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is contacting produ…

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