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Japanese Beetle

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Japanese beetles — along with a complex of other insects, such as bean leaf beetles, grasshoppers and several caterpillar species — can contribute to defoliation in soybeans. They feed by skeletonizing the leaves, leaving only the leaf veins. They feed primarily in the upper canopy, making the damage very visible.

As we shiver through winter’s freezing temperatures and heavy snow, many gardeners hope the severe weather translates to fewer garden insects …

Last week I talked about the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive insect that is causing a lot of concern for homeowners. It has been identified in …

With over 300 ornamental and edible plants they like to feed on, Japanese beetles (JB) can quickly become an overwhelming insect in the landsc…

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As the hot July days linger across Missouri, the state’s crops are generally looking good. Rains would always be welcome, and parts of the state are dealing with high Japanese beetle populations, but overall the corn and soybeans seem to be in good condition, Greg Luce says.

Kent keeps replying to me whenever I bring up that the coolness of fall is sometimes in the air or the fact that the birds are bunching on the…

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