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Insects are causing problems for alfalfa across Nebraska. Stay tuned as I describe what to look for in your fields and what to do if an issue …

As corn begins to emerge, be alert to the potential for damage from early season insects such as cutworms, wireworms, white grubs or other insects.

Be careful not to overlook wilting and browning leaves in your alfalfa fields, since this could be a sign of an alfalfa weevil infestation.

Fact box: Markets, biocontrol, and bioyield

  • Enzymes are proteins, produced by a living organism, which act as catalysts to bring about specific biochemical reactions
  • The global value of crop production is approximately two trillion dollars
  • The global Ag inputs market (seed, pesticides, and fertilizer) is approximately 300 billion dollars – with the market for pesticides approximately USD 90 billion
  • There are two main segments for biologicals:
    • The biocontrol segment in which biological products are used to supplement and replace chemical pesticides to control insects and microbial diseases. Today, this segment is a five billion dollar-market.
    • The bioyield segment in which biological products are used to enhance plant nutrition and/or to stimulate plant growth. This market today is about a three billion dollars.
  • Both biological markets are growing; biocontrol is the fastest growing and forecasted to experience double-digit growth for the foreseeable future, doubling in about five years.

To learn more about Novozymes’ BioAg business, including its biocontrol and bioyield solutions, visit

Corn rootworm infestations have picked up across the Midwest and Plains states in recent years, and those pesky little larvae can destroy a si…

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Knowing when to manage soybean gall midge is a critical first step to addressing the new pest, although no single tactic has been found to achieve complete control.

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Due to the mild winter, which helped the eggs survive, and the fact that this year fit perfectly into the cycle, agronomist Wally West urges producers to make sure rootworm isn’t becoming a problem.

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