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Pest Management

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Corn rootworm egg hatch in Iowa occurs from late May to the middle of June, with an average peak hatching date of June 6 in central Iowa. In 2020, the expected hatching date will be behind the average due to cool spring temperatures.

While many producers looking to get into the local foods scene are drawn to organic farming methods, it’s important to keep an eye on pests an…

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Painted lady caterpillars, or thistle caterpillars, in soybean fields have been the topic of many Extension calls this season, with farmers and agronomists from southern to northern Nebraska reporting high numbers.

Many soybean growers had problems with lodging at harvest this year. The primary culprit for this (as for many of our woes this past fall) was the extended period of unfavorable weather. In parts of southern Illinois, damage by the dectes stem borer contributed to this problem.

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Alfalfa growers have faced many challenges this year starting with winter-kill unexpectedly taking many acres out of production.

Editor’s note: The following was written by Kelly Estes, University of Illinois Extension State Survey Coordinator, for the university’s Pest …

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Stink bugs are a pest South Dakota corn growers might not be accustomed to checking for, but they're becoming a greater threat in northern states, and they can harm corn early in the season and move on before you know it.

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The EPA approved a new tool for farmers to control soybean aphids in their fields. The product is Sivanto Prime from Bayer. It contains the active ingredient Flupyradifurone.

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Most area gardens have been planted, and with summer weather setting in, many vegetables have already sprouted, but for those taking notes for next year, here is a tip from a Wyoming reader for those who find they have trouble with a certain garden pest: 

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