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"I dug out my Rand McNally and looked. Thirty-one states have Washington counties. I found 19 states that have cities called Washington, not counting Washington, D.C."

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"People are frustrated right now. They are frustrated with not feeling like they are being listened to. ... I think one of the biggest causes of all the frustrations is lack of trust."

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What's in store for the cattle industry under the Biden administration? NCBA's CEO says: "It is going to be OK."

On this date in 2013, a younger person at the state agency where I worked came into my cubicle in the morning to ask if I knew why the flag outside flew at half staff. “Well, yeah,’’ I said. “It’s the 50th anniversary of the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.’’

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When someone pays $1.51 million for a single bull, it’s likely not something most people can imagine doing, or even have enough money in the b…

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