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Producer Progres Report

"We get to spend most of the summer getting ready for winter," Waverly, Nebraska farmer Paula Peterson said. "We have found over the course of several years doing this life that it is much more economical to grow our own feed for our cattle. Cattle are a year-round responsibility."

"To the uninitiated, at first glance of the wheat fields, one would think that the wheat was beginning to turn yellow and reach the final stage of being mature before harvest. However, with careful inspection, you can see the “stripes” that are caused from the fungus rot."

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"We have so many different folks on our team that each have a critical role in what we do. Each position on the team is filled with men and women who are invested in the success of our farm and want to do their part to make it happen."

"Growing up, my grandfather used to tell me that if the ticks are really bad early in the spring, that is a sign of a very dry summer. So far, that old wives tale is holding true."

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