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Ranch Humor

Astrology is one of those wonderful pseudo-sciences like naturopathy or cattle futures that anybody with an imagination can rapidly become an …

Salesmen armed to the teeth with research trials supporting their product, special offers to entice volume buying out of season, and lunch money. 

R.C. is an animal lover. Maybe not the kind of animal lover that the term has come to mean in this era, but the kind that requires a greater c…

Ted and his dad needed some cows to stock their little ranch in Oklahoma, and they needed 'em right away. A local trader solved their problem …

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A good cowboy will go beyond the call of duty and even put himself in harm's way to help a suffering beast.

"I’ve developed a lot of opinion on flies and fly control over the last week. If it says “natural” that just as well should translate to 'it won’t work.'"

Some cowboy poetry from the beloved Baxter Black: "If they’re only part exotic, then what’s the other part?"

For those of you who forgot how easy it was to get started in farming let me tell you about my friend Con.

"To Mr. Mansell, who has since passed, from all of us ex-reporters, vice-presidents, greenhands, secretaries, state farmers, soil judges, blacks, browns and whites; if we ever amount to anything, you had a hand in it." 

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As the service progressed, my attention was drawn to a banner that hung on the wall. It was handmade, cut from cloth and intended to be inspiring. It read, "Mount Up with Winos."

I'm sure there was a time when farmers gladly supplied their neighbors with enough lemons, strawberries and avocados to keep 'em in guacamole and shortcake each growing season.

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