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The Organic Trade Association recently released a pilot project for the organic industry to prevent and detect fraud in the global organic system.

Members of the Dairy Business Association recently elected Greg Siegenthaler of Grande Cheese as the board’s new corporate representative. They also re-elected to the board farmer representatives Tom Crave of Crave Brothers Farm LLC, and Paul Fetzer of Fetzer Farms Inc. The election was held at the Dairy Strong conference, held Jan. 17-18 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Deoxyribonucleic acid-based traceability — DNA — systems for fertilizer and other bulk products have been developed by SafeTraces Inc. The company’s D-ART 3000 systems provide undetectable, unbreakable tagging of high-volume bulk goods.

MINNEAPOLIS – Pipeline Foods LLC, a supply-chain company focused on non-genetically modified organisms and organic food and feed, recently launched its global operations in Minneapolis. The company is making investments in assets to support growth in organic and non-genetically modified grains and is providing consultation services to farmers and food companies.