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Fact box: Markets, biocontrol, and bioyield

  • Enzymes are proteins, produced by a living organism, which act as catalysts to bring about specific biochemical reactions
  • The global value of crop production is approximately two trillion dollars
  • The global Ag inputs market (seed, pesticides, and fertilizer) is approximately 300 billion dollars – with the market for pesticides approximately USD 90 billion
  • There are two main segments for biologicals:
    • The biocontrol segment in which biological products are used to supplement and replace chemical pesticides to control insects and microbial diseases. Today, this segment is a five billion dollar-market.
    • The bioyield segment in which biological products are used to enhance plant nutrition and/or to stimulate plant growth. This market today is about a three billion dollars.
  • Both biological markets are growing; biocontrol is the fastest growing and forecasted to experience double-digit growth for the foreseeable future, doubling in about five years.

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