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"For all the summer hype California receives, it has been our experience as Midwesterners that fall and winter are actually better times to experience the Sunshine State."

"My blood pressure is high and my productivity is low. I think I need a vacation. Not a chance, the thought of being gone for an extended period gives me a nervous twitch and hives." 

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Clesham became frustrated with the volatility of the Irish beef sector, something American beef farmers know all too well. So, looking at the books, he felt after 23 years, it was time to go back to dairying.

"The heat this last week has been just a little brutal, and it’s also made everyone just a little crabby. No one wants to move very fast or do much, me included."

"My mother was a stickler for purchasing something small whenever we traveled and needed a restroom. Call it 'Nebraska Nice' or just plain being a good citizen, but it’s just the right thing to do."

In 1942 Henry Doorly addressed a massive shortage of scrap metal by organizing a contest. The three-week competition turned in over 67,000 tons. If we were in a similar situation today, would the U.S. come together with a common goal? 

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January has become our go-to vacation time, and our Facebook memories from the past decade prove it. With a couple of exceptions we have almos…

"It was mid-afternoon, I was about half done with the pitchfork when cars and pickups began to arrive and park in front of the cattle unloading chutes. Within an hour there were probably 200 or more farmers, complete with homemade signs, a speaker with a bullhorn and lots of cheering."

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