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Weed Control

A technology company with a mission of reducing chemical usage is getting ready to roll out an after-market kit that gives sprayers an eye in the field. “It’s a transition from this very wasteful practices to very precise applications.” 

While truly cold weather may still be a few weeks away, how we manage fall pastures can impact plant health through the winter and ultimately …

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Damaged soybeans can be seen throughout the Northern Plains this year, and everyone seems to have his or her own theory on what caused it.

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In the summer our lawns and gardens take a lot of care, but it is very rewarding. To have an appealing lawn, healthy trees, fantastic landscap…

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Growing up in south central South Dakota where we can be dry, and being raised by a dad who was very, very concerned with anything starting on…

Yellow-green patches in a pasture might look pretty for the uninitiated, but the tell-tale bloom of leafy spurge not a spring sight many of us…

If you have wetlands, creek bottoms, or just wet areas in pastures, you probably have some reed canarygrass. It is often the first perennial g…

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