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“Decisions are made by the people who show up,” Randall Debler repeated. As a full-time cattleman in Alma, Kansas, his personal philosophy of giving back and showing up for the important decisions means he whole-heartedly represents beef producers on the Kansas Beef Council.

Every rancher out there has a different selection method when it comes to choosing replacements. Some choose early, some sort later. Some sort based off of weight, others off of bloodlines. There is no one-boot-fits-everything in replacement female selection.

Developing replacement heifers is a long and costly process that can potentially become even more expensive if heifers must be culled from the herd for various reasons.

Summer annual grasses are tough weeds to deal with, especially in mixed perennial systems like pasture or hay fields. Species like foxtail, sa…

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"One thing that I do not condone in agriculture is to tell someone to not consume a product that has been produced by the well-worn hands of those that 'ride for the brand.'”

“The purpose of the brand is to add value to Angus cattle,” said Paul Dykstra CAB assistant director of supply management and analysis, during a March webinar. “The $17.57-per-hundredweight (cwt) premium over Choice is absolutely at the heart and soul of our very purpose and our mission statement.”

Stocking pastures with the right number of animals is one of the cornerstones of proper grazing management. It’s tempting to take the easy rou…

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