Details for Hodgskiss Seed - Ad from 2020-02-14

Your Source for In Demand,
Spring Wheat, Barley,
Pulses, Oil and Grass Seeds

Spring Wheats • SY Rockford Other Crops

• SY LongmireNEW Solid Stem
• SY McCloud NEW High Yield
• SY 611 CL2 NEW high yield
• SY Ingmar

• SY 605 CL II • Alfalfa
and Many More • Cover Crops
• Barley
• Flax
• Chickpeas
• Green Peas •Mustard
• Lentils
•Grass Seed

Give us a call to make a plan for your farms
specific needs

Fast and Reliable Custom Cleaning
Montana Certified Cleaning Plant
Choteau, MT


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