Paul Haefner

Paul Haefner, AGCO, has spent recent weeks demonstrating the new RoGator C Series sprayers. Photo by Andrea Johnson.

WEST FARGO, N.D. – AGCO is introducing its newest self-propelled row crop applicator – the RoGator C Series.

The new technology-loaded, user-friendly RoGator with liquid application system was displayed at the Big Iron Farm Show, Sept. 12-14, at Butler Machinery’s large outdoor booth. Additional field days have been held across the region in September.

An exciting development in the new series is the FlowLogic recirculation plumbing, said Paul Haefner, AGCO’s Butler Machinery representative in Jackson, Minn. The RoGator is built in Jackson.

Product moves through the boom, plumbing and filters to reduce chemical buildup and help eliminate plugged spray tips.

New ClearFlow recovery, the industry’s first full-recovery system, uses air to force product from the booms or reload station back into the tank, leaving less than 2.5 gallons in systems without injection.

The new self-priming booms help save time and money since product flows quickly through the entire boom once the product pump and recirculation system are turned on.

“What has gotten the most attention when we’ve been out talking with customers and showing the equipment, has been that recirculation piece,” said Haefner. “That is the big one, because the benefits they are getting out of there with reduced amount of product in there, because there’s no dead ends, and that ability to prime it quickly without actually having to spray to prime, is huge.”

With new dicamba product application and other new spray products on the way, the RoGator C Series offers the LiquidLogic system that includes a “hold at minimum” pressure setting across the boom that helps ensure a consistent spray pattern. This keeps product on target at low speeds as well as allows for a plus-or-minus 1 psi variation across the boom.

These technologies make the RoGator C Series a good investment for growers all the way up to large retailers.

“We’ve always been primarily more to the ag retailers, but I think some of the features on here, will get more attention to the ag growers themselves, because of the problems that it does eliminate,” he said.

The newest RoGator can apply almost anything that needs to be sprayed.

Haefner said there are customers who will use the RoGator to apply herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and liquid fertilizers.

Another feature is the automated-agitation system. This allows the operator to set how they want the agitation to run – from a full tank down to the last 150-200 gallons in the tank.

“As the tank load goes down, it slows down the agitation process, and then once it gets to your off point – 150 gallons, it shuts itself off,” he said. “That’s one of the things that takes a step away from the operator, once it is set.

“It reduces problems of having foam buildup in the tank and having to deal with that when going to reload the product tank again.”

The drive system itself is all redesigned, said Haefner. It’s still a hydrostat, hydraulically-driven machine, but it is operated more like a continuously variable transmission.

“It gives the operator real fine control and the ability to set cruise control speeds,” he said. “It will get to that speed in the field and then adjust the engine, the hydrostat, wheel motors themselves to maintain that speed as efficiently as possible going through the field.”

One of the unique features of this hydrostatic machine is that when the machine is going, there is a minimum 1650 RPM when working in the field and can move to wide open.

“It’s always going to run the lowest engine RPM possible for what you’re trying to do out in the field,” he said. “That’s going to be big on field savings and makes it quieter in the cab.”

The sprayer is generally run between 12-16 mph in the field, with a range of zero to 26 mph for operation. For running full speed down the highway, the RoGator runs at 34-36 mph.

At the end of the day, the operator will not they had a higher average speed throughout the day, because the machine is using cruise control to maintain that speed.

The technology in the cab is all there too. A 10.4-inch touchscreen AccuTerminal allows easy-to-control machine functions, and easy monitoring of functions.

There’s a new cruise control and shuttle shift speed, along with drive sensitivities, headland control and the tractor management system.

“We’ve gotten 500-600 people around the machine and driving it,” Haefner said. “There is definitely a lot of excitement about the new features.”