With new farm and ranch equipment from dealers cost-prohibitive for many, wouldn’t it be nice if you could find an older used piece of equipment – pre-emission - that worked like a dream?

That is exactly what Forefront Equipment of Great Falls specializes in.

Todd Davy and his family moved from Wisconsin to Great Falls in 2005 because they wanted to settle in a beautiful area with mountains nearby to enjoy as a family.

“We’re a very outdoors family, and we love this area,” Davy said, adding he worked 25 years in the construction business before switching to agriculture.

For a year in Great Falls, he worked in construction, but he had worked 25 years previously in the construction business before switching to agriculture.

Then he worked for John Deere as a sales representative.

One of the main things he enjoyed was working with farmers and ranchers.

“Building relationships is so important in business, and I enjoy helping my customers,” he said. In fact, some of his former customers continue to call him for equipment they are looking for.

When Davy decided to start Forefront Equipment in 2015, he knew that customer service was going to be the most important part of his business.

“We are here for you. We do a lot of customer service,” Davy said.

At Forefront Equipment, Davy sells pre-emission farm and ranch equipment, as well as construction equipment, at affordable prices.

Davy’s shop near Great Falls, has a team of excellent mechanics, working in nearly a 6,000 square foot shop.

“We do our best to fix everything we have,” Davy said.

Newer equipment with computers often has to be taken back in to the dealer’s shop for repairs, because of the computers installed in them, and that can be very expensive over the long haul.

“We sell very good, used older pre-emission equipment,” Davy said. “In addition, we service the equipment.”

Pre-emissions tractors are the main piece of farm and ranch equipment that guys call Davy looking for.

Scroll through their website at https://www.forefrontequip.com/ to see what equipment Davy has on hand.

“We have mostly ranch equipment, because we have a lot of ranchers around this area,” he said.

In addition, Davy said if ranchers need a certain piece of equipment, they can call and ask him about it.

“If someone calls and needs a piece of equipment, I will go out and find it, bring it back and the mechanics will bring it back to new,” Davy said. “That is a huge part of our business.”

In addition, Davy has two pieces of equipment that he is a dealer for, one a Klou post driver, and the other, the hydraulic Harrow.

“The Klou is in demand because ranchers are always adding and repairing fencing,” Davy said.

It is a lightweight post driver, which is unusual.

“Most post drivers are from 1,500-3,000 pounds. The Klou post driver is only 350 pounds, so can easily be handled, plus it is made of steel and very durable,” he added.

The Harrow, from the UK, is a hydraulic piece of cultivation equipment. It folds and unfolds easily, and ranchers often use it to smooth out the surface of the soil.

“Ranchers use it a lot when working their fields, to spread manure out on their land and to level gopher mounds before planting,” he said.

Some of the other used, but brought back to new, equipment Davy sells is equipment for construction, such as backhoes, loaders, bulldozers, skid steers, and lots of other equipment.

For more information, call Davy at (406) 590-1229; or see Forefront Equipment’s website at https://www.forefrontequip.com.