SPRINGDALE, Mont. – Wintry weather arrived at Lone Star Land and Cattle Co, bringing with it freezing wind chills that caused temperatures to feel a lot colder than the thermometer read.

“We finally have had some winter weather, starting on Christmas Eve. We got several inches of snow, frigid temperatures and high winds,” said Sophi Davis, who works with her husband, Taylor, at the ranch in the southwestern region.

Taylor manages the ranch and its Angus-influenced commercial herd, while Sophi manages the ranch owners’ homes and horses.

Taylor and the ranch crew moved the first calf heifers to the new ranch hand’s place, where they will be calved out.

“The group of cows that we will be calving out are in a pasture that was only grazed for a few days in June so the feed has been good, with lots of cover from the wind in the gullies and trees,” Sophi said.

Taylor plans to move their group of cows to the hay pivots near the river, where the cows will have access to the hot springs creek for water.

“There is easy access into the area, so Taylor will be able to maneuver hay equipment in to start feeding hay to the cows,” she added.

Sophi and Taylor are leaving for Scotland in a week to attend Sophi’s best friend’s wedding.

“My mom is taking the kids, so this will be our first vacation alone together ever,” she said. It is especially exciting for Taylor who has never been overseas.

Meanwhile, they have been busy trying to finish up chores and projects before they go.

“We have been busy getting horses moved to a pasture with better water and hay feeders, getting cows situated and cleaning our shops and barns,” Sophi said.

While they are in Scotland, one of the other ranch hands will keep an eye on their horses and feed their cows.

As Sophi is the Fellowship Director for Art of the Cowgirl Fellowship program, she also will be attending the Art of the Cowgirl event Feb. 8-10. They will be back from Scotland by then.

“I will need to go down early for setup and be there for the ranch rodeo qualifier round on Feb. 7 at the Buckeye Equestrian Center,” she said.

Taylor will stay back home on the ranch with Ella and Hunter, taking them with him to feed cows and get ready for calving.

“As a ‘thank you’ to my mom for caring for our kids while we are in Scotland, I will be taking her with me to Phoenix,” Sophi said. While Sophi would love to stay down in Phoenix for a few extra days and soak up the sun (especially with the cold Montana winter officially here), she plans to return right after the event.

“I’ve never been away from my kids for more than a night and I am anxious about how it will go, but they love being with their dad and Taylor is excellent with them – a really great dad,” she said.

The Art of the Cowgirl recently awarded their first fellowship award for saddle making with Nancy Martiny.

“Our recipient is not only a talented leather worker with dreams of starting her own business, she is also a ranch mom from Wyoming with two kids close to the same age,” Sophi said. “We will award the horsemanship fellowship with Lee Smith at the end of January and then hopefully raise enough funds at the Art of the Cowgirl event to open the other fellowships in March. 

On the homefront, the kids are focused on getting well after everyone was sick over the holidays.

“Ella is back at school and Hunter has been spending time working with mom and dad,” Sophi said. “Ella got her first bicycle for Christmas so she has been spend a lot of time riding it in the garage and talking about summer.”