SPRINGDALE, Mont. – As the end of 2018 nears, finishing up the year’s work continues to go on at Lone Star Land and Cattle Co, as well as preparations for 2019.

Sophi Davis works with her husband, Taylor, at the ranch in the southwestern region, managing the owners’ homes and horses, while Taylor manages the ranch. They believe in including both their inquisitive kids, Ella and Hunter, in all they do on the ranch, to learn about the western way of life from a young age.

But Sophi is busier than most this time of year.

She has dedicated her time and her talent to a unique program called, “Art of the Cowgirl.”

The Art of the Cowgirl Fellowship Program encourages, promotes and invests in the development of emerging artists and makers engaged in the unique arts, trades, and horsemanship of the western lifestyle.

“It is an amazing program that showcases master artists and their talents,” Sophi said.

As the Fellowship Director for Art of the Cowgirl Fellowship program, Sophi is helping with a national Art of the Cowgirl event Feb. 8-10 in Phoenix, Ariz.

“I’m working with female artists in certain areas. We don’t want to lose these unique talents from master artists in their fields,” Sophi said.

One part of the program is a fellowship that any woman or man, wanting to hone their master talent, can apply for. They would work under master’ in their field.

For example, Nancy Martiny of Martiny Saddle Co., is a master saddle maker, and Amy Raymond, Raymond Silver Co., is a master engraver and silversmith. Lee Smith, Lee Smith Horsemanship, is a master horsewoman, while Jan Mapes, of Jan Mapes Fine Art is a master in fine art, and Constance Jaeggi, Constance Jaeggi Photography, is a master photographer.

It is not just women who are part of the master artist crew, either - Trent Johnson, Greeley Hat Works, is a guest master hat maker.

“The fellowship provides an opportunity for western artists to work with masters, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn or refine their passion with some of the most talented makers in the business.,” Sophi said. “The point is we are trying to get people access to these master artists’ experiences,” she said.

The 2019 Art of the Cowgirl is a three-day event with many facets to it, including a trade show. Anyone can apply to have a booth at the show.

There will also be an all-women ranch rodeo with four-person teams at the South Buckeye Equestrian Center and at the Corona Ranch.

There will be an elite horse sale, that members can consign their horses with.

Another part of the event is a concert with Trinity Seely, who owns a ranch with her husband in Cascade, Mont.; Lynda Thurston & Genuine Cowgirls from Alberta, Canada, who make their living as ranchers, horsewomen and western artists, and Adrian Buckaroogirl of Nevada (known as Buckaroo’s Taylor Swift), who has been singing since she was 14.

In addition, there are Art of the Cowgirl clinicians from all over the world who have honed their horsemanship techniques and skills. They will attend the event, to showcase and demonstrate their work and skill.

There are one-day passes and three-day passes. For more, see https://artofthecowgirl.com/tickets.

“It’s a great program and we’re really excited about it,” Sophi added.