Huber Ag Equipment will exhibit the Advantage Feeders line at the 2019 MATE show, Feb. 14-16.

BILLINGS, MT – Huber Ag Equipment got its start in 2012 by husband and wife team, Marlin and Myrna Huber. Living on their first-generation farm just north of Coronation, Alberta, they have six kids. Along with goats, cattle, sheep and horses, they also have a custom haying and feeding operation.

Myrna and Marlin decided to try out the entrepreneurial lifestyle because they wanted equipment that would help them operate better.

“We were looking for a better way to do things,” commented Myrna. With busy kids, fulltime jobs, and a farm to operate the Huber family needed equipment that would be the most efficient.

Huber Ag Equipment sells several different products for a range of companies. They offer equipment that is unique in the Canada and United States region.

As the only dealers in North America for the Ritchie Combi Clamp, the Hubers are proud to offer this low-stress, sheep handling implement. This chute is operated by a foot peddle and can be used for drenching, vaccinating, tagging and hoof trimming. It was designed in New Zealand and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Advantage Feeders is another product the Hubers are planning on bringing down to the MATE. It’s a three-in-one feeder for cattle and sheep. This feeder can be used for free choice, creep feeding or controlled feeding.

Another product that Myrna was excited to talk about is the Hay Boss, a netting that fits around a round bale. As livestock, specifically horses, eat the hay the netting shrinks with the bale, reducing waste. Hay Boss is made in Alberta, Canada.

“It’s important to us to have good connections with our customers,” Myrna said as she was setting up for a trade show in Canada at the time of the interview. One of Myrna’s favorite things about owning their own business is “working together as a family, and I love talking to new people.” The Hubers value talking with producers to find out what works and doesn’t, and then relaying that information directly to the manufacturers in order to create a better product.

Meet Myrna and Marlin and discover their exclusive equipment at the MATE Show in booth #700 in the Montana Pavilion. Learn more about them at