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Montana FFA holds 91st FFA Convention
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Montana FFA holds 91st FFA Convention


Montana FFA’s 2021-2022 state officer team, from left to right: Joe Lackman, Matthew Slivka, Danielle Horan, Colton Young, Cody Johannes, Allison Denton, Riley Prather and Sydney Kirschten.

BILLINGS, Mont. – With a state theme of “Connected by Corduroy,” the Montana FFA Association made the best of this COVID changed year by hosting at least a semblance of a state convention on April 7-10 in the Magic City.

“State convention capacity was limited to 400, which is about one-quarter of the members we typically have at convention,” explained Jim Rose, Montana state FFA advisor.

Although in-person capacity for the 91st Montana FFA Convention was reduced, Montana FFA adopted an online convention platform so members from all across the state could tune in to watch the general sessions, listen to state officer retiring addresses, and cheer on friends and chapter members as they were awarded top honors in proficiency awards and career development events (CDEs).

“All in all, I believe the purpose of the convention was achieved and we are so much better off to have done that than not to have had a convention at all,” Rose added.

Also in attendance at this year’s state convention were National FFA Advisor, Dr. James Woodard, and National FFA Southern Vice President, Artha Jonassaint. This was the first in-person convention either had attended since assuming their positions with the National FFA Organization.

Rose noted this past year has been challenging for Montana FFA. With several in-person contests and leadership workshops cancelled or moved to online platforms, it has been hard to recruit new members into the organization and maintain enthusiasm.

Normally the state convention is the culmination of a member’s hard work, but due to COVID-related restrictions, some state-level CDE’s were held prior to the in-person convention. Only the top two individuals and teams from Montana’s eight districts were allowed to compete at the state level.

“It was stated several times that the quality of these competitors was exceptional and because of decreased numbers the competitions ran very smoothly,” Rose said.

State CDE winning teams and individuals will have the opportunity to compete at the 94th National FFA Convention set to happen on Oct. 27-30. National FFA is prioritizing the health of its members and is monitoring the current COVID situation closely. It is yet to be determined if National’s will be a hybrid or strictly virtual convention this fall.

Despite all the adaptations that had to happen, one Montana FFA tradition was still executed this year. At the end of the final session of the convention on April 10, the eight current Montana FFA state officers retired their jackets and welcomed, with open arms, the eight new leaders selected to head the organization.

The 2021-2022 Montana FFA state officer team is as follows: Joe Lackman, President from Forsyth; Colton Young, 1st Vice President from Stillwater Valley (Absarokee); Danielle Horan, 2nd Vice President from Moore; Riley Prather, Secretary from Big Timber; Matthew Slivka, Treasurer from Winifred; Cody Johannes, Reporter from Huntley Project; Allison Denton, Sentinel from Lewistown; and Sydney Kirschten, Parliamentarian from Baker.

This new slate of charismatic individuals is tasked with leading their beloved FFA into a year of rejuvenation by again igniting passion for the organization amongst the members, alumni, and FFA supporters.

“As state FFA advisor, I am most looking forward to our entire state’s membership to become re-engaged with all the activities that members have enjoyed in the past and will hopefully continue to enjoy in the future,” Rose concluded.

Montana’s nearly 5,000 FFA members maybe had to stay six feet apart this year, but thankfully no matter, they were still all “Connected by Corduroy.”

Full results from the 91st Montana FFA State Convention can be found at within the online posting of this article.

Career Development Event Results are as follows:

Agricultural Sales CDE:

  1. Joe Lackman - Forsyth
  2. Daisy Becker - Kalispell
  3. Thomas Becker - Kalispell
  4. Brianna Rainey - Forsyth
  5. Raey Hanke - Belgrade
  6. Claire Standley - Missoula
  7. Trevor Zimmerman – Missoula
  8. Colter McWilliams – Missoula
  9. Abby Knoll - Rapelje
  10. Hailey Long - Kalispell


  1. Kalispell
  2. Missoula
  3. Forsyth
  4. Belgrade
  5. Shepherd

Agronomy CDE:

  1. Sage Willis – Shields Valley
  2. Ethan Bay - Kalispell
  3. Matthew Slivka - Winifred
  4. Joel Warneke - Winifred
  5. Wyatt Isaacs – Miles City
  6. Isaac Amezcua - Stevensville
  7. Reace Lannen – Shields Valley
  8. Jesse Isaacs – Miles City
  9. Kayla Haigh - Stevensville
  10. Andi Estes – Shields Valley


  1. Shields Valley
  2. Miles City
  3. Stevensville
  4. Kalispell
  5. Joliet


Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE (mechanics):

  1. Nolan Muggli – Miles City
  2. Michael Sura - Lewistown
  3. Coleman Gilman – Ruby Valley
  4. Wyatt Muggli – Miles City
  5. Tallon Hansen – Deer Lodge
  6. Trace Martin - Lewistown
  7. Aidan Thompson – Deer Lodge
  8. Roy Murray – Miles City
  9. Eli Schreher - Cascade
  10. David Cross - Columbus


  1. Miles City
  2. Ruby Valley
  3. Deer Lodge
  4. Lewistown
  5. Huntley Project

Agriscience Fair:

Overall winners in each area:

Animal Systems: Hailey Miles - Corvallis

Power and Technology Systems: Rudy Kummer and Wyatt Iverson – Bainville

Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources: Grant Wilcox - Corvallis

Social Systems: Lalia Smart and Natalie Campbell - Corvallis

Food Products and Processing Systems: Owen Dunn - Corvallis


Creed Speaking CDE:

  1. Rylee Glimm - Kalispell
  2. Grace Mosher - Shepherd
  3. Emma Lou Slivka - Winifred
  4. Jordan Leach - CJI

Jr. Creed Speaking CDE:

  1. Claire Mumin - Shepherd
  2. Molly Gilbert - Shepherd
  3. Raygen Carrol - Cascade
  4. Jake Morgan - Clarksfork

Extemporaneous Speaking CDE:

  1. Miles Graveley – Deer Lodge
  2. Jake Chulyak – Big Timber
  3. Joe Lackman - Forsyth
  4. Luke Ostberg - Fairfield




Farm Business Management CDE:

  1. Rudy Kummer - Bainville
  2. Brayden Young – Big Timber
  3. Evan Heupel – Kalispell
  4. Jake Chulyak – Big Timber
  5. Braelyn LaRue – Big Timber
  6. Matthew Slivka - Winifred
  7. Payson Morgan – Big Timber
  8. Kailey Brimmer – Miles City
  9. Kaden Hansen - Bainville
  10. Mackenzee Fabel – Ruby Valley


  1. 1.     Big Timber
  2. 2.     Bainville
  3. 3.     Kalispell
  4. 4.     Miles City
  5. 5.     Corvallis


Livestock Judging CDE: .

  1. Jonna McCullough - Geraldine
  2. Brighton Lane – Huntley Project
  3. Sage Zook – Miles City
  4. Kiley Smieja - Belgrade
  5. Mollie Ruth – Big Timber
  6. Collin Cox - Missoula
  7. Tallon Hanson – Deer Lodge
  8. Raenna King – Big Timber
  9. Jake Stene – Big Timber
  10. Ammarie Sowers - Missoula


  1. Big Timber
  2. Miles City
  3. Missoula
  4. Huntley Project
  5. Cascade

Parliamentary Procedure CDE:

  1. Kalispell
  2. Shepherd
  3. Bainville
  4. Ruby Valley

Prepared Public Speaking CDE:

  1. Matthew Slivka - Winifred
  2. Brighton Lane – Huntley Project
  3. Hailee Varner - Wibaux
  4. Danika Soper - Hinsdale

Conduct of Meetings CDE:

  1. Shepherd
  2. Joliet
  3. Miles City
  4. Corvallis

*The following career development events and leadership events happen prior to the State FFA Convention.

Agriculture Communications

  1. Grace Orem – Cascade
  2. Ellie Ward – Cascade
  3. Sky Smith – Cascade
  4. Lacie Selting – Fairview
  5. Brealyn LaRue – Big Timber
  6. Tie - Lauren Kjos – Fairview and Morgan Anderson – Big Timber
  7. Hannah Hurley – Fairview
  8. Kira Krug – Big Timber
  9. Tie - Katie Skasick – Cascade and Chloe Gullikson – Fairview


  1. Cascade
  2. Big Timber
  3. Fairview

Employment Skills

  1. Lainey Kitzmann – Billings
  2. Brianna Olstad – Shepherd
  3. Lauren Kjos – Fairview
  4. Gianna Boyd – Bainville
  5. Katelyn Anderson – Shepherd
  6. Hannah Griffin – Clarksfork
  7. Sydney Wolsky – Corvallis
  8. Paige Bender – Conrad
  9. Hannah Sundheim – Fairview


Agriculture Issues


  1. Corvallis
  2. Park City
  3. Shepherd

Marketing Plan


  1. Park City
  2. Cascade
  3. Little Big Horn

Meats Evaluation

  1. Claire Standley – Missoula
  2. Shaun Billingsley – Missoula
  3. Morgan Anderson – Big Timber
  4. Bailey Lake – Kalispell
  5. Reanna King – Big Timber
  6. Lilli Meigs – Missoula
  7. Evan Heupel – Kalispell
  8. Emma Habitts – Missoula
  9. Jake Stene – Big Timber
  10. Miles Graveley – Deer Lodge


  1. Missoula
  2. Big Timber
  3. Kalispell
  4. Miles City
  5. Grass Range

Horse Evaluation

  1. Colin Cox – Missoula
  2. Wyatt Dooley – Gardiner
  3. Amy Chilcote – Missoula
  4. Ashlee Schumacher – Belgrade
  5. Morgan VanDyke – Glendive
  6. Tanaya Welsh – Kalispell
  7. Tess Shaw – Roundup
  8. Cody Carsen – Kalispell
  9. Mackenzie Serrano – Roundup
  10. Hannah Goffena – Roundup


  1. Missoula
  2. Kalispell
  3. Roundup
  4. Belgrade
  5. Miles City

Vet Science

  1. Morgan Corean – Grass Range
  2. Nola Goss – Grass Range
  3. Caden Seaholm – Grass Range
  4. Aby Nowicki – Miles City
  5. Bailey Uecker – Lewistown
  6. Hannah Stolfus – Kalispell
  7. Nyssa Shrairer – Corvallis
  8. Audrey Erbaugh – Corvallis
  9. Tie – Dacey Burkle – Plevna and Daniel Dorset – Kalispell


  1. Grass Range
  2. Corvallis
  3. Kalispell
  4. Plevna
  5. Miles City


  1. Jaylea Lunceford – Mission Valley
  2. Robert Mcray – Mission Valley
  3. Logan Lahoug – Mission Valley
  4. Joey Teselle – Belgrade
  5. Raey Hanke – Belgrade
  6. Aidan Thompson – Deer Lodge
  7. Miles Graveley – Deer Lodge
  8. McKayla Learn – Mission Valley
  9. Aubree Boeher – Deer Lodge
  10. Alex Tatarka – Belgrade


  1. Mission Valley
  2. Belgrade
  3. Deer Lodge
  4. Forsyth
  5. Beaverhead

Food Science

  1. Aryn Blanchard – Colstrip
  2. Brianna Rainey – Colstrip
  3. Bridger Gouchenour – Conrad
  4. Brianna Price – Forsyth
  5. Jaden Boardman – Park City
  6. Sage Willis – Shields Valley
  7. Amy Chilcote – Missoula
  8. Claire Standley – Missoula
  9. Kayla Johnson – Shields Valley
  10. Gus Turner – Missoula


  1. Missoula
  2. Belgrade
  3. Shields Valley
  4. Forsyth
  5. Colstrip


  1. Thaddeus Miller – Joliet
  2. Sophia Schumacher – Plevna
  3. Olivia Collins – Joliet
  4. Nyssa Schrairer – Corvallis
  5. Paige Shaw – Miles City
  6. Jaeda Paul – Plevna
  7. Claire Standley – Missoula
  8. Cadence Anderson – Miles City
  9. Delaney Bauwens – Joliet
  10. Amelia Schrairer – Corvallis


  1. Joliet
  2. Miles City
  3. Plevna
  4. Forsyth
  5. Corvallis

The Beaverhead chapter from Dillon took home the title of Star Chapter.  Coleton Sherman of Mission Valley of Ronan was named Star Greenhand with Emily Niebur from Big Timber being announced as the Star in Agribusiness.  Montana’s Star in Agriculture Placement went to Matthew Slivka of Winifred, Bailey Lake from Kalispell earned the title of Star Farmer, and Braelyn LaRue from Big Timber earned the Star in Agriscience award.  Finally, the team sweepstakes title went to the Miles City FFA Chapter followed by Kalispell in second and Missoula in third.  The sweepstakes award recognizes the chapter who places highest in four of the five major state convention competitions.  The individual sweepstakes winner was Claire Standley from Missoula followed by Raey Hanke from Belgrade in second and Miles Graveley from Deer Lodge in third.

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