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Mountain View Metalworks builds steel products for ranches around the region
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Mountain View Metalworks builds steel products for ranches around the region

LIVINGSTON, Mont. – Mountain View Metalworks Ranch & Building Supply sells steel products and building materials in one of the most beautiful mountainous areas in Montana – Livingston.

Kent and Judy Blough, owners of the company, plan to have a booth at the MAGIE show this year.

“We have been a fixture at the MAGIE for many years and what we enjoy most about the MAGIE is getting to see and talk with our customers face-to-face,” Judy said. 

Kent designs and manufactures durable products out of steel and oilfield pipe, such as fencing, gates, calf shelters, windbreaks, corrals and portable panels.

The Blough family is a ranching and rodeo family, so they know what Montana producers need to operate their ranches and farms successfully.

“We have been building agricultural products since 2008, and we have built relationships with our customers that we really enjoy,” Kent said. “We have customers that come back each year needing additional products.” 

At Mountain View Metalworks, fencing is always in demand.

“With the influx of new property buyers in Montana this last year, we have been busy supplying fencing and gates to fencing contractors. We have worked with more fencing companies and those who put up fencing, than ever before,” Judy said.

Their fencing is built in 20- or 24-foot panels that can be installed on steel or wood posts, whatever the customer wants.

“We don’t do the installation but we provide the material,” she said. “A steel fence on steel posts will last a lifetime.”

They have two weights of fencing, a standard weight, which is appropriate for horses, and a heavier weight, which is appropriate for high pressure cattle pens.

Over the past year, farmers and ranchers have really taken an economical hit, Judy pointed out.

“The drought has affected the cattle industry and cattle prices were down, as well. It has been a tough year. So we enjoy servicing this essential industry with products that only have to be purchased once,” Judy said.

Mountain View Metalworks builds all their products for heavy-duty use and for long-term durability.

“Our cattle guards are built heavy enough for the construction industry and are durable enough to drive any truck over them, and that is what we provide to farmers and ranchers, as well,” she said.

Kent also builds a popular “hay saver feeder.” It saves feed from being wasted, and is strong enough to withstand a bull from damaging it.

“Our hay feeders are a lifetime feeder, and none have ever come back for repair or return. We find many of our customers add more feeders each year instead of having to replace them,” Judy said. “We get a lot of nice comments about them.”

Kent also constructs calf shelters for the newborn calves. 

“Those have been really popular because they are heavy and don’t blow away. They can be moved around the ranch, and we build them durable with no sharp edges, to keep livestock safe,” she said.

Since the Bloughs offer most of their products through their website, or customers e-mail them about the products they are interested in, they are able to meet them in person at the MAGIE.

“Sometimes we don’t meet our customers until we greet them at farm shows,” Judy said. “It’s exciting to see our customers in person so we can get to know them and their families better.”

When they meet their customers at the MAGIE, Kent and Judy are always interested to know how their products are working at the customers’ ranches.

“One thing about the MAGIE is we meet a lot of producers from along the Montana Hi-Line, and we appreciate that they deal with some very harsh conditions,” she said. “Our windbreaks and livestock shelters are in high demand during calving season and are built to withstand the weather on the Hi-Line.”

Mountain View Metalworks is also a dealer for E-Z Haul Hay Handler Trailers, featuring the original double latch system. 

“Hay trailers are one of the popular summer and fall products,” Judy said. “We offer products that are in demand during different times of the year.”

Mountain View Metalworks sells a lot of products in Montana, but they also sell in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and some in Colorado, as well.

“New customers find out about us, often from a friend or neighbor, or by seeing our products on a neighboring ranch. Out in the Pacific Northwest, products like ours aren’t available everywhere,” she said. “Kent is out now delivering hay feeders in Washington over a 50-mile radius because the neighbors have talked to each other, and they all wanted one.”

Kent enjoys delivering and “we are long-haul truckers, too,” Judy said.

In fact, Judy said they are looking for over-the-road CDL drivers with at least two years of driving experience.

“It is a hard position to fill. It is hard to find good truck drivers, and right now, Kent is the only truck driver, so I haven’t seen my husband in a while,” she said, with a smile. “We have to drive a week to pick up materials in other states.”

The Bloughs did have a mini-vacation and went to the National Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas in December.

“The rodeo was a lot of fun and we saw a lot of people we knew,” Judy said.

Judy invites visitors at the MAGIE to stop by their booth, and visit about their ranching and farming needs.

For more information and photos of products, see the Mountain View Metalworks website at, or call 833-687-8335 or 833-MT-STEEL.

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