As every cow/calf and seedstock producer is aware, reproduction is the key to a profitable cow-calf production.

STgenetics has the most advanced sex-sorted semen technology in the industry.

John Jackson, head of the regional division of STgenetics, plans to be at the GATE show this year, bringing the local reps in the Glendive region with him.

“STgenetics has had a booth at the GATE for several years now, and I really enjoy meeting with new and old friends/livestock producers,” Jackson said. His territory covers some eight states. “Our booth will offer information on the technology which is increasingly being used not only in the dairy industry, but in the beef industry, as well.”

While sexed semen is not a new technology, STgenetics has a patented process of sorting semen that is the only one of its kind in the industry. Other companies have bought the technology from STgenetics.

“Sexed semen was traditionally something that dairy producers were interested in to gain more females,” Jackson said. “STgenetics pioneered research on improving sex-sorted semen from dairy sires since the company was granted a license in 2003 to use the flow cytometric process. It was initially developed by the federal government.”

STgenetics began researching and improving the semen-sorting technology to give its customers/producers the best and most advanced product on the market.

“The company has invested significantly into the SexedULTRA semen sorting process and SexedULTRA 4M high-fertility sex-sorted semen, which achieves conception rates comparable to conventional semen,” he said.

There are several reasons producers might want the technology.

For instance, producers may want to take advantage of certain markets by producing more steers for a uniform trailer load and to meet specific customer needs.

Replacement heifers are another reason producers are looking to STgenetics.

“Seedstock producers and commercial cow/calf producers are interested in sexed semen to produce more replacement heifers for their herd,” Jackson said.

In addition, for a commercial cow-calf operation, there may be times when the price discount on heifers relative to steers makes sexed semen more cost effective then using natural service.

Another reason producers may be interested in sexed semen is to generate more bull calves from a high-EPD herd sire (or one with the right mix of traits for a particular herd), to produce bulls for the commercial operators.

In addition to sex-sorted semen to produce more heifers, steers or bulls, STgenetics offers traditional A-I semen from a wide line of genetics.

“Some producers are interested in expanding the genetics in their herd, and are looking for traditional A-I semen from the right bull and the right breed,” Jackson said.

STgenetics offers three main products: male sorted semen, female-sorted semen, and A-I semen.

Stop by the STgenetics booth at the GATE show, and talk to Jackson about sexed semen and A-I semen from top bulls.

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