Summit Structures will have a booth at the MAGIE

Organizing extra tools, tack, tires, chemicals or other products that keep the farm and ranch operating can be a chore.

But Eric Weaver at Summit Structures of Montana says the answer may be a utility shed, a stand-alone tack room, a barn or even a garage.

“Storage is not what we are about. We are here to help farmers and ranchers with organization,” Weaver said. “If someone needs something that we can’t help them with, we will find someone who can help them.”

Weaver will be bringing his knowledge of organizing, along with one of their Montana-built sheds to the MAGIE.

The MAGIE is one of the most popular ag shows in the state, and it fills one entire building.

There is also a massive parking lot for visitors, along with space for outdoor exhibits, such as farm equipment and buildings.

Summit plans to exhibit both indoors and outdoors.

“I enjoy meeting with farmers and ranchers and their families at the MAGIE, and helping them with organization problems,” he said. “We custom build the shed, animal shelter or building to the size they need.”

Summit Structures can build sheds that are anywhere from an 8 by 8 foot shelter to a 32 foot wide by 60 foot long shelter. The most popular shelter is currently a 12 foot by 20 foot building.

Ranchers who are calving have looked to Summit Structures to provide them with a few calving sheds to place out in the ranch.

“Ranchers like the idea when they are calving out on the pastures to have a place for calving. They may need a shelter to put the calves in out on the range as protection from the wind.”

Weaver said he has numerous social media sites and he likes to reach out to customers/potential customers that way.

“I have heard back from folks who have liked their shelter. For instance, a horsewoman in Montana needed a horse shelter, and she needed it immediately. We built it to her specifications and took it to her,” he said.

The woman wrote on social media that she had, “Ordered a horse shelter in a rush in winter and it was super easy and quick. Delivery was smooth and they did a great job putting the shelter exactly where I needed it, and the product is very nice. I am planning to order a chicken coop from them soon,” the woman wrote.

Weaver builds the shelter on a wood foundation, but if a large shelter is needed, they will build on a cement pad. They can also put in electricity for the customers.

There could be many reasons for needing a stand-alone utility or animal shed.

“They may have tires overflowing in their shop or horse tack laying all over the shop, hoses, gardening supplies all over the place. We help organize them,” he said.

Some of the different structures include a loafing shelter with a single slope roof; a classic shed with a A-Frame Dormer; utility shed; the livestock series, and others.

Customers can design the building to their specifications.

“We will custom build a structure to whatever a farmer or rancher needs,” Weaver said.

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Stop by Summit Structures at the MAGIE and visit with Weaver to find out how to organize at your farm or ranch.

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