Ryan Smartt

GREAT FALLS, Mont. – Hauling seed, transporting ATVs, or completing landscape work are just a few of the many tasks completed with utility trailers.

Gardner’s RV has plans to focus their MAGIE 2020 display on these often-used pieces of farm equipment.

Their 2019 MAGIE display included a new RV, but most ranchers or farmers were thinking more about getting work done than traveling. That’s the reason the 48-year-old company will focus on utility trailers this year, said Ryan Smartt, Gardner’s RV, Great Falls, financing.

Gardner’s RV carries Big Tex utilities trailers with models ranging in carrying capacities from 1,500-60,000 pounds. With over 700 employees, Big Tex has corporate offices in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, and manufacturing facilities in Mt. Pleasant, as well as Odessa, Texas; Cordele, Ga., Caldwell, Idaho, and Madill, Okla., producing over 20,000 trailers per year.

“Big Tex is probably one of the top utility trailers out there as far as car haulers and dump trailers and things like that,” Smartt said. “Just real high quality, something you can get for a really good price and actually have them last for you.”

In addition, Gardner’s RV also carries car haulers and dump trailers for the farm and ranch. Brands include the Stealth Trailers, built by Alcom, LLC, in Bonner, Mont., about 6 miles east of Missoula.

“They’re a real good local outfit,” Smartt said. Their hydraulic dump trailers work great for hauling hay, cleaning up and hauling away garbage or scrap metal, carrying construction equipment, and moving things like picnic tables or feeders.

“If you need to haul a tractor or a combine – things like that – we have the utility trailers for it,” he said. “We’ve got the enclosed cargo trailers – for motorcycles, boats, cars – we’ve got something that can actually haul it.”

While it’s not their main focus for MAGIE in 2020, the employees of Gardner’s RV will have beautiful brochures available for many of their recreational vehicle offerings. They stock over 300 trailers and can also order the RV of anybody’s dreams.

“A lot of it’s new technology in these campers that are making everything easier,” Smartt said. The newest RV’s offer electronic, Bluetooth capabilities to control devices from an iPad. Light, awnings and slide outs can all be controlled via iPhone or iPad.

“It’s making camping a lot easier,” he said, adding that from your bed, you can even turn on your generator with smart devices.

While Montana is beautiful, some people still use their RVs to travel south for a month or two during the coldest times of year. Class C RVs or really anything with wheels and a motor can easily go down south during that February cold-stretch.

“There’s lots of good snowbirds’ equipment out there, and it’s always nice when you’re sick and tired of the weather, you can just pick up and comfortably go down south or wherever you want to go,” Smartt said.

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