what's this number 17

Cook stove lid lifter

Allan Gustin, a North Dakota rancher, has an old tool that his daughter bought for him but he doesn’t know much about it at all.

“It’s 12 inches long and is embossed with the name C-B-DALE,” he said. “She bought it in New York State, so it may be for an implement that is not agricultural, or not used in the upper Great Plains.”

So, he and we ask, “What’s This?”

An Internet check may have helped with the “C-B-Dale” clue. The company made coal and cook stoves.

That may have helped some readers, as seen in the responses below.

Cook stove handle to remove lids on top of kitchen stove. Some had wooden handle. Others had metal circled ring in place of wood. Still have one similar. L. Duane Dudney, Hastings, Neb.

Lid lifter for an old-fashion cook stove. Leonard Carstensen, Odeboldt, Iowa.

I think the tool shown is a farrier’s tool. I believe it pulls the nails out of the horse-shoe, and helps pry up the old horseshoe for replacement. Leslie Krings, Greenwood, Neb.

I believe that the tool in question is a compass used for drawing circles, probably in a woodworking shop. Joe Olthafer, Belmont, Wis.

The old tool looks like a primitive wooden caliper for measuring. Nick Kolodziej, Mosinee, Wis.